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    Ten Books That Help Us to Live

    I want to talk about the books that have helped me. Maybe they will help you too. We can discuss them or talk about the books that have helped you.

    Brian Tracy
    Create Your Own Future: How to Master the 12 Critical Factors of Unlimited Success

    The author of this book knows about the success very much. He writes about success, he lectures about success, he meets with successful people. Finally, he is a very successful person himself. Meanwhile, he was not always successful. He marched his way to success and proved that anyone can learn it. We teach foreign languages, we learn to drive a car, in childhood we learn to walk. Similarly, we can learn to be successful.

    Napoleon Hill
    Think & Grow Rich

    I think this author and this book is well known. On the other hand, it is impossible not to mention them. Napoleon Hill studied the biographies of rich people for many years. He discovered the laws of wealth. But his books tell not only about wealth. His books tell us about life. Our thoughts have great power. Our imagination has a great power. We has tremendous power. And we can use that power every day.

    Sheila Dainow
    Be Your Own Counsellor: A Step-By-Step Guide to Understanding Yourself

    The scientific studies have proven that people who used this book, got the same results as people who visited a psychotherapist. Don't you believe? Then you just need to try. The book describes very useful exercises that psychoanalysts and other professionals often offer their patients. The uniqueness of this book is that you can read it from any Chapter. If you need psychological help, read this book.

    Susan Jeffers
    Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

    This book honestly and frankly tell you about the fear. We are afraid to live and afraid to die, we are afraid to win and afraid to lose, we are afraid to start and afraid to finish. But fear is normal. If you know how to control your fear, if you know how to use it, you live and enjoy life. This book teaches us not afraid of our fears.
    In addition, the author talks about the unique practical recommendations for changing our life. Try to change your life, this book will help you with this.

    Bill Newman
    Soaring With Eagles

    Are you tired? Are you frustrated? You don't believe in yourselves? You need strong motivation. This book will give you that. You will feel that you can fly. You will feel that you become stronger. You will feel that your life is beautiful.

    Maxwell Maltz
    Psycho Cybernetics

    You will learn a lot of amazing things, you will see many familiar things in new ways. You will understand what and how you need to change in your life. You will find many inspiring examples and many practical exercises. On the pages of this book there is a programme of changes designed specially for you. Open the first page. Changes begin!

    Win Wenger
    The Einstein Factor

    Sometimes we hesitate to ask about something. Sometimes we don't ask about something very important. Sometimes it is a very big mistake. Have you ever compared himself to geniuses? This book will help you do that. Sometimes it is very useful. After all, if we have small target we can't achieve great success.

    Paul R. Scheele
    Natural Brilliance

    Each person is unique. Every person has unique talents. Every person can and should strive for self-realization. Our problem is not that we have no abilities, but we do not use them. Read this book to become more unique.

    Edward de Bono
    Six Thinking Hats

    Do you want to start a new life? In this case, you should learn to think in a new way. Our thoughts are the Foundation of our life. Change your Foundation and you will change your life. Look at any problem from different points of view. Put off one thinking hat and put on another thinking hat. It's very exciting!

    Valentina Knurova
    Finding Yourself in the Town of Geniuses: Climbing the Road to Self Realization

    Do you love adventure? This book is a fascinating journey through the world of geniuses, where the characters encounter a variety of puzzles. Do you like biographical books? This book will tell you about the life and work of tens of geniuses (writers, scientists, composers, politicians, etc.). Are you looking for the secret of success? Geniuses will tell you how to solve problems, overcome life difficulties and achieve outstanding results.

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    Re: Ten Books That Help Us to Live

    Victoria, could you share how did these books help you? How did you come up with a list like this? Thank you.
    I hope I have the time to read more, but time is limited, which is why I need to be selective. A lot of books I find not helpful, while the books I find helpful are more the meditation or self-esteem propaganda ones and in order to get something out of them, I need to pretty much read every day the same things, otherwise I seem to find the information fascinating and helpful initially, but I just can't retain or apply it, unless I read the same stuff all the time, and who has time for this. Sometimes it feels like a "reading amnesia"; I read something supposedly helpful and the next week I have to read the whole book again in order to get in the helpful mode. It just makes me feel more hopeless or stupid, when I finally had everything figured out, and then I magically forget what I read or heard.

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    Re: Ten Books That Help Us to Live

    If you have any psychological problems now, I recommend Sheila Dainow, Susan Jeffers or Maxwell Maltz.
    These books describe specific psychological exercises, tips and self-help programs. If you want to raise your motivation - Bill Newman.
    If you are interested in the development of intelligence, reasoning, mental ability - Win Wenger, Paul R. Scheele, Edward de Bono.
    Brian Tracy and Napoleon Hill work with motivation, mindset, goal-setting, mood, etc.
    Valentina Knurova describes the life of great people and shows how they solved their problems and achieved outstanding results, overcame an illness, loss, difficulties in life. Fascinating and enlightening reading.
    The main rule is not to read but USE these books. I hope I have answered your questions

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    Re: Ten Books That Help Us to Live

    Thank you for elaborating, I appreciate you took the time to answer , all the best!

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    Re: Ten Books That Help Us to Live

    All the best to you too. It was a pleasure to talk to. I hope these books will help you!

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    Re: Ten Books That Help Us to Live

    I think the main challenge for most people is to take the time for self-reflection, exercise and achieving optimal health. Even just reading books is a luxury for many. It is easy to slide the downward spiral, not so easy to climb up and rebuild your life into something more authentic.

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    Re: Ten Books That Help Us to Live

    I totally agree with you. But if we really want to change something in our lives, we need to find the time and energy to do this.

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    Re: Ten Books That Help Us to Live

    I would actually start from Susan Jeffer's book. I was referred to read the Dr. David Burns books, which I initially found repetitive and annoying, but as I set myself to read them I liked them better. He is a pioneer in some ways. However, I have to tell you that I am not a big big fan of his oldest books. I do really like his recent blogs and releases, I am following them and I think he had evolved tremendously over the years and what I like the most is his shift further and further away from traditional medicine and psycho-pharmacology, which is in line with my own views and experiences. His books are helpful if you invest a lot of work and repetition. My absolute favourite author is Albert Ellis, his ideas were one of a kind at the time and even Burns admits in interviews that he admires him and had learned a lot from Ellis.
    I can not read Wayne Dyer's books, due to his constant reference to metaphysics and some mystic world of existence. I believe some of his most metaphysical books can actually do harm to people with mental health conditions that involve cognitive or perceptual impairment. Although, I do not have such issues, I tried to read 2 of his books, and I found them at best awkward. A lot of people love his books, and that's fine, I am just sharing a personal perspective.

    I read a lot of Hay House authors, and while some books were very uplifting spiritually (Cheryl Richardson is uplifting), others were heavily focused on "Metaphysical Art", which in my view is some nonsense cult, created by some recent "spiritual" authors. However, I got to like a lot about 1/4 of their authors and books, and some of them I read from time to time to get a boost.

    I find very useful to read biographies of famous people, I always learn something new.
    I am going to read some books from your list and will let you know how I find them I already looked at the reviews published for these books.

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    Re: Ten Books That Help Us to Live

    Thank you very much for this informative answer! I think you can write great reviews.

    Susan Jeffers really helped me. At first I thought that she've spoken about well-known things, but gradually I found it very useful.

    If you like biographies of famous people, the book "Finding Yourself in the Town of Geniuses: Climbing the Road to Self Realization" will be a great choice for you.

    I'll look forward to your feedback



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