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    Re: Older Adults Becoming Victims of Fraud

    If you arrange a family meeting with all other members, including the medical people, wouldn't they out vote the bothersome sister? Perhaps even persuade her to change he behaviour?

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    Re: Older Adults Becoming Victims of Fraud

    I will try. None of them is close enough to my mother or my sister. But, the idea to get some support sounds good.

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    Re: Older Adults Becoming Victims of Fraud

    Using today's telecommunication tools, people don't have to be in the same location to have a meeting. You can use email, Skype or even a telephone conference call, though Skype might be your best method.

    A family concensus seems like what is needed here for the benefit of your mother and to protect your mother's interests from those who want to sabotage her well being.

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    Re: Older Adults Becoming Victims of Fraud

    You know, Steve, I was planning exactly a Skype conference. It requires nothing other than installing the program, after all. My mother is refusing to use Internet (I know!), so it will be just a talk between my sister, me and whoever else is wiling to participate from the other relatives, but basically me and my sister are the only ones who will be supporting her financially if things get worse, the other relatives have no financial interest or rights, as we are her only children and my father is deceased. I will involve at least 1 more person to support me, so that my sister doesn't go wild on blaming me and abusing me unnecessarily. I might even ask my husband to participate, as he does not lack assertiveness at all.

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    Sorry to bother you with these issues. I am developing Insomnia these days on top of already struggling with anxious moods the constant "worst case scenario" thoughts and some cold/flu symptoms. I just can't stop thinking in a "catastrophic" mode, which is somewhat justified, if you met my mother, but chances are, she actually sells her house and supports herself out of these money.

    Growing up in a dysfunctional family, where I was the youngest and often verbally abused for it, without any right to an opinion was not easy and I still find it challenging to confront my mother or sister, who seem to be self-centred people with issues I never quite understood. I just want to get done with the situation and not think about them at all

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    Re: Older Adults Becoming Victims of Fraud

    Are you receiving any form of treatment or therapy for the issues you've described?

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    Re: Older Adults Becoming Victims of Fraud

    I am quite functional without any therapy, these issues affect me only rarely. I have tried to received therapy in the past and I always fail it, due to being triggered by things and feeling that therapy sometimes makes my life worse. In fact, I become more irrational if I try to receive any therapy. I think I just have a weak character and I can accept this. Thanks for your advice. Bye for now.

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    Well, I think you are right, any way. Being anxious doesn't feel good at all. I signed up for counselling. Thanks.

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    Re: Older Adults Becoming Victims of Fraud

    One thing that may be helpful as you go through these difficult challenges Amazingmouse, including the really hard challenges that happen when we go through therapy, is validating yourself.

    Through the day, say things to yourself like,

    "This is really really hard, but I have support and I will get through this."

    During the difficult challenges that happen as your difficult feelings process and flow out in between therapy sessions, other self-validating statements would be,

    "This is normal."

    "Therapy is very hard for everyone, not just me."

    "This is nothing to do with a weak character on my part or anything like that. There is a great deal of buried emotion to be processed."

    "Humans have many many difficult emotions, especially after very very hard experiences in life. That is normal, not weak."

    "It is important to take times to cry and let emotions flow."

    "Walking or exercise or a light physical activity can also help."

    "Grief and hurt is important to be felt and acknowledged. This is normal and human. That way it can slowly flow through and feel more healed."

    Let yourself feel the feelings Amazingmouse, they are acceptable and normal, not weak. That will let them gradually flow on and gradually start to heal.

    Good wishes to you in your therapy journey and remember, it is hard. But worth it.

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    Re: Older Adults Becoming Victims of Fraud

    Thank you. Really appreciate you took the time to reply.

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