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    OCD Neighbor Who Accumulates All His Trash in the Room. Bad Smell in the Passage.

    I have a neighbor in Montreal (he is a tenant) who does not want to throw his trash, garbage and accumulates everything in his room that looks like the interior of trash bin and contains an irrespirable air inside, a kind of a toxic gas generated by the decomposing food remains on jars and various food packages my neighbor accumulates continuously. He also does not want to take a bath, to have a haircut, to change his clothes which rotted on him.

    Each time he is told to clean his room, because the bad odor leaks in the passage and further in other places, he invokes all kind of reasons not to clean and if you insist he promises he will throw the trash but he does nothing. He wears yellow gloves, most of the time, his computer plays a continuous sound similar to a phone tone and when he gets out in the passage and believes he is not seen by anybody he stays with his hands up moving them to the left and to the right or he holds a bag above his head or moves around a cardboard box, etc., strange senseless habits.

    In a moment of sincerity he told me he is an "OCD".

    I do not know how to determine him to clean his room and so reduce the bad odor in the passage. What can be done? I even do not know if at least a hospital is aware of his condition or whether his illness is treatable.

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    Re: OCD Neighbor Who Accumulates All His Trash in the Room. Bad Small in the Passage.

    Have you spoken to the landlord, the health department of the City and /or the police and/or the fire department?

    Your neighbor's behavior is creating a potential health and fire hazard that needs to be addressed by the authorities.
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    Re: OCD Neighbor Who Accumulates All His Trash in the Room. Bad Small in the Passage.

    Steve is correct. The situation is against many regulations and is not fair for neighbours to live with. Contact your building supervisor, landlord, real estate agent etc, or if they do not help you, contact the city or town council or regulator, until the situation is taken care of.



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