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Thread: Appointment!!

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    Re: Appointment!!

    Hi Lonewolf.

    I haven't been posting here,but I have been reading as you have posted.

    Your surgery should be over and done with now(yesterday) and I hope everything went very smoothly for you.I hope you heal up soon and can finally start moving even more forward than you already have been.

    Come back and update and soon as you feel well enough to,we are all here waiting to hear from you.

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    Re: Appointment!!

    Operation went well!! Was discharged the day after the operation!! Am staying with a friend for a few days to help me rest up a bit!! Am in quite a bit of pain at the moment!! Want to sleep all the time but was told that I should try to move about a bit!! Walk to the loo and that sort of thing!! I can do it!! I am doing it!! I'm just not getting relief from the pain! Wasn't given painkillers when released from the hospital and paracetamol is not helping much!! I am glad it's done and I know in the long term, it will change my life but right now, I want to sleep through the painful bit!!
    In 3 words I can sum up everything I have learned about goes on!!

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    Re: Appointment!!

    Congrats LW!

    Take care of yourself, and hope that your pain starts to ease off soon...... hope if it's really bad that you can ask a pharmacist about any other options, or if it's not too bad I hope that you can get a little distraction with a DVD or something....

    Get well soon 💐

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    Re: Appointment!!

    Hi LW, was just thinking about you as it's been a while since your surgery - just wanted to check in and say hello. Hope everything's going ok.

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