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Thread: Feeling Alone

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    Feeling Alone

    I feel so alone. I was raped in 2009. I feel like it's my secret. Like I can't tell anyone. Than this past year, Jan 2015, my rapist showed up at my apartment. He found me. Once again I feel like I feel like I can't tell people because they don't know the original situation. Why is it that he broke the law but I feel like I'm hiding. Even writing this message feels like I'm exposing myself.
    How can you have a beautiful ending without making beautiful mistakes.

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    I am sorry this happen to you and that you are feeiling so alone and afraid. If you can talk to someone i know it is hard but talk to somene your trust and let them know Go to hospital and talk to emergency personal who are trained to help you ok The will treat you with kindness the team that deals with such things You need to have support at this time so please try to get some medical help for you. It took courage to post here and i am glad you did I hope you keep talking to us here so you don't feel so alone.
    Words always stay inside ones soul

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