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    Re: ODSP Application Denied

    Ahh k ya, thanks Boswell, appreciate it!

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    Re: ODSP Application Denied

    I got my approval mail today from the tribunal guy, gave me 3 years, how long will it be to get a meeting with odsp now, so happy now thanks all!

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    Re: ODSP Application Denied

    Excellent news! Thank you for the update.

  4. Re: ODSP Application Denied

    That is good news Iandude i don't know if you have to set up a meeting with ODSP if the approval has gone through they should contact you with a letter soon.
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    Re: ODSP Application Denied

    That's great, Iandude.
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    Re: ODSP Application Denied

    That's really great to hear!

  7. Re: ODSP Application Denied > Appealed > Accepted

    Way to go
    for pushing forward and getting the ODSP approved so happy for you
    Words always stay inside ones soul

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