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    Can We Trust Our Doctors?


    I have anxiety disorders and also suffer from depression. Slightly paranoid, which is making my life a living H**l. I have undergone therapies and the effect lasts only for some time. There will be something to always trigger me. I would like to escape from this never ending loop of sadness, happy, anxiety, depression which I am going through.

    To add fuel to my already existing paranoia about the healthcare system, I came to read this article about the pharmaceutical corporation's fraud.

    Well, how can we trust the doctors? Are they serving us or the corporate? DO they value the quality of the drug they prescribe or the weight of their pay check? I knew whatever relief I felt from the medicines was just placebo. Now, I am more paranoid. Maybe I should try natural remedies like meditation or something else to clear my mind.

    What do you think about this news? Is it really true that doctors are being agents for the pharmaceuticals? share your thoughts and opinions.
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    Re: Can We Trust Our Doctors?

    Hi Jake.

    I think the key can be to work with a doctor who is passionate in their field who really truly wants to help people and see patients' lives improve.

    In terms of drugs, a psychiatrist who is passionate and successful in helping people probably takes pride in having experience with what drugs are most helpful for what kind of patient.

    Genetic testing is now also available which sometimes serves as a shortcut in terms of finding out what drug is most likely to benefit which gene profile.

    Concerns and issues like the ones you face really highlight also the benefit of having a talk therapist with the same motivations - someone who has worked with issues like yours and knows what is really truly most likely to help your quality of life to improve, and how to deal with pitfalls which may keep you stuck.

    All medications and treatments can have risks. Having a professional that you feel comfortable with can be a big thing in feeling like the risks are being weighed well against the possible benefits to you.

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    Re: Can We Trust Our Doctors?

    Hi Jake I hear your concerns I do but I do think your doctor would only want what is best for you. The things we read on internet are not all factual so I tend to not go there , instead I try to listen to doctor who knows your history and who would know what meds or other treatments would work best for your situation.
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    Re: Can We Trust Our Doctors?

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    You know Jake, When I was finally diagnosed in 2006, there was a new drug on the market that all the prescribers were hell bent on providing. It was later proved that the company that was providing the drug was actually providing great rewards to those who prescribed it. It was a simple marketing ploy, but it worked and the drug has actually helped a lot of people.

    For the amount of money that it takes to move the conception of a medicine, through testing, manufacturing and FDA approval, a drug company is not going to waste their time and money into producing something fake, nor putting it in the hands of fakes. They want the product to be a success and yes, their sales people sometimes offer incentives to get the professionals to at least try it on their patients. Haven't you noticed the television ads where the drug companies advertise directly to the public? Trying to get a drug on the market is no easy task.

    In the beginning, once diagnosed, I went through Doctors and Therapists at a rapid pace. It takes a while to find the right fit. I believe the majority of Professionals go into their fields with the right intentions. They are human like all of us and their lives change. Unfortunately some of them lose their focus. Those are the ones you have to weed out. You know what works for you and what doesn't. Have more faith in yourself and trust your instincts.



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