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    Re: What do you do when the world seems black

    Quote Originally Posted by bigflatblike71 View Post
    I have been on many medications over the last 15 years so the doctor is not being lax.....I've changed gps and around 5 years ago levelled out at a really good place.
    Treating depression with SSRI /SNRI's can require trial and error over a prolonged period and it is usually worth re-trying compounds that have not been effective in the past. As brain chemistry becomes "reset" with continued use of these medications, the effectiveness and tolerance of previously less effective medications can change.

    In addition, the synergy of supportive psychotherapy in conjunction with medication therapy is more effective in relieving symptoms than either form of therapy alone.

    Have you been seen by a psychiatrist during this time?

    Have you been treated with supportive psychotherapy in addition to your prescribed medications?

    Do you have a local support system of friends and family to assist in dealing with your wife's treatment?

    I have a daughter who has aspergers
    Is your daughter able to function on her own or does she require family assistance?

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    Re: What do you do when the world seems black

    Hope you're doing okay. Sounds like you've had so much going on. It sounds like this must be an especially hard time of year for you after losing your mum at Christmas time. Your daughter is lucky to have a dad who struggles through the pain to be there with her and it's good that you have someone you love so much. I agree with MhealthJo that it might be good to really emphasise to mental health services if you've been feeling suicidal, you have a right to help as much as anyone else.

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    Re: What do you do when the world seems black

    Thanks for the responses . I will reply when I feel in a place where I can do so.

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    Re: What do you do when the world seems black

    Sure, Big. And no pressure to reply to all questions straight away as it can be a lot of mental effort, if instead you would like to keep expressing further thoughts or feelings that come up and come back to any questions later or anything.

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    What do you do when the world seems black

    Hugs to you, Big....and welcome.

  6. Re: What do you do when the world seems black

    Just want to say also if you can let professionals know that you feel so alone and you need support now as your family needsyou to be there because they are all I'll. You have no one to support You. Your community can help as well a lay person priest minister can be someone to talk to abt your depression Does your work cover for a professional therapist Glad you are reaching out here as well
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    Re: What do you do when the world seems black

    Been to the gps this morning and currently waiting for a call from the crisis team. Work were supportive as usual wanting to know if I'd be back tomorrow and that I'd need a sick note to cover the holidays as today is the first day back.

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    Re: What do you do when the world seems black

    That's good you went to talk to your gp and that he heard you. I hope the crisis team called and will be able to help. I know it's much easier said than done but try not to worry too much about work for now. Some people just don't get it if they haven't been there themselves. This is an emergency and you absolutely did the right thing.

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