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    Re: Trampled by the Passage of Time

    Thank you for the update, mudpuppy... "a helluva year" seems like an understatement.

    I too am sorry to hear about your father, and your mother's declining health. I'm not sure that I know about your partner's situation but the fact that thw two of you are able to help each other at all is remarkable.

    And yet bit by bit, you are managing to get what needs to be done, done.

    Ultimately, isn't that the definition of coping?

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    Re: Trampled by the Passage of Time

    Dr Baxter is right. You are doing incredibly well Mudpuppy. Holy mackerel. Props!

    Great to hear from you. Wish I could tap you with a magic wand that makes you enjoy 8 hours of amazing sleep every night! (Or hey, maybe even more... ... not that you would have the spare hours in the day for it though!! ) And yeah, absolutely, crazy full-on or crisis-y times can definitely interrupt or derail our therapy or self care schedules for a while, argh. Good to know our therapist will be there when we are ready. Hope that in time you will eventually get the time and a bit more stability / predictability you need to schedule time in for yourself and be able to know where you'll be and when, etc... yup, it's no fun getting hit with those cancellation fees, blah. In these times definitely no fun handing over money for nothin!!

    Great to talk to you!

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    Re: Trampled by the Passage of Time

    Thank you, everyone. Your support means a great deal. Other than Mom and my partner, you're my only support at the moment.

    We are all, in fact, coping. Although I gotta say, many days I'm not entirely sure how. Like my partner and I keep telling each other, we'll be okay if we don't look up, just keep looking down and focus on the immediate next step. Not easy, but it seems to be more or less working.

    Things have settled into a semblance of a routine, at least comparatively, so I've got an appointment to see the therapist on the 18th. A burst of unbridled optimism booking that far in advance, I know. Fingers crossed that nothing significant changes between now and then.

    With luck (barring any more shoes dropping off this millipede), a good chunk of Dad's estate will be wrapped up by next Tuesday. That will relieve a comparable chunk of the stress.

    Plus, MHJo, I think you found that magic wand without knowing it! I've managed two back-to-back nights of 9 hours sleep! w00t!!

    Also, the X-Mice are doing well. There have been no new litters since last fall as far as I can tell. All the ones I'm seeing (which happens often as them li'l buggers are fearless) are fully adult, and often old. The really old farts have become almost companionable. Two nights ago, Bruce, the mouse in my studio, climbed up on the back rim of my mug and grabbed a quick drink of my Coke while I was sitting there watching him. Poor ol' guy's been through the wars; the end of his tail is missing and the outside of his ears are lace from all the old battle damage. The old fart in the kitchen, Patch, is missing all the guard hairs on the front half of his body, making him two-tone and easy to spot. Given that I saw him try to sniff the flame on the stove not long ago, his condition isn't overly surprising; he may have briefly ignited himself at some time in the past. In the livingroom, Thunderfoot continues to trip over things and generally sound like he's wearing army boots. He lives under the PVR and only glares at me if I lift it up to check. I guess he's too old and arthritic to bother running and figures if I'm going to eat a mouse as tough as him I'll get everything I deserve as a result. I'm seriously considering catching these poor old guys and giving them a caged life of safety and unlimited treats for the rest of their days. They've earned it.

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