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    Re: Feelings - Relationship and more

    Quote Originally Posted by MHealthJo View Post
    Yup. Doing the thing we know we have to do, can just be So. Damn. Hard.

    Don't forget if needed, the amazing healing and strengthening power in things like a therapy or counselling relationship, or self-help resources or self-development journeys... At those times when we can't seem to find the new moment of extra strength that we need in a new or unexpected situation, which happens to all of us at times, there is always more and deeper strength to be found with a new tool or idea we can get our hands on, or from the truly unconditional, supportive, reliable relationship to be found in a good therapist. Groups such as this one and the online friendships you mentioned having Deana are wonderful too.

    It is excellent how you have sought out support for yourself here Deana. I know in your own time you will find your way and at your own pace when you are ready you will grieve whatever you need to grieve and you will find new, beautiful things in your life. Each experience helps us learn anyway what to look for vs what might be signs that a path could turn out to be not what we need. It's not an easy or simple path for anyone, and it's absolutely OK to seek out guidance at those disheartening times when we wonder if we could speed up our journey to get where we would like it to be. I have found the work of authors like Barbara de Angelis and Dr Phil McGraw fantastic for this kind of guidance and new insights, at times when I wanted to move more easily toward what I want but did not have access to the more individual guidance of a therapist.

    Blessings to you Deana, you have reservoirs of strength within you and I have no doubt that you will find your way.
    Thank you, this group is fantastic, so many lovely people and it makes you realise your not alone not matter what your going through, there is otherwise out there having harder times as well.

    I will look into those authors you mentioned. Every little bit of help and guidance is better. My friend who is a blogger about getting to know your feminine side added a 5 day course from another lady which is called heal the wounds from the past. I do need to throw away the the garbage from my past in order to start a fresh relationship. I'm looking forward to it and hopefully it helps.

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    Re: Feelings - Relationship and more

    Jo, you are so right. I would only add that in the initial choice to move forward, disregard attempts from the men contacting you, so you don't get sucked back in. Make sure that you eat, get plenty of rest, try to avoid alcohol. Hold a pillow and watch old movies.

    During my life journey, I found that I was attracting the same type of women, or personality type, over and over. I started reading about myself and my characteristics and I found out that I was co-dependent. So I started reading about how to correct that. It made all the difference in the world regarding the women I would meet. Essentially you have to bite the bullet and start moving in a direction that benefits you and lifts you up. If by chance you are lucky enough to meet that special person, you will be ready to make something extraordinary happen.

    I kind of jumped in the middle of the thread, I apologise if I interrupted.

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    Re: Feelings - Relationship and more

    No problem Clancey, it can be thought-provoking to read perspectives and experiences of a variety of people from various paths in life and see what we can find in different people's life journeys. So hearing people's stories and experiences can be really good. It can get our mind ticking and exploring, and could play a part in leading us to discovering something new and finding useful new pathways.

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    Re: Feelings - Relationship and more

    Thank you Jo. Seeing as how both you and Deana appear to be from Australia I watch for your expressions. I have a friend over there that is an animal doctor and one day he used the expression, "Spat the dummy." It took me two days to figure that one out. lol

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