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    Re: Moving to New Server

    Well it got worse and increasingly frustrating.

    I needed to reboot the new server at A Small Orange hosting and when the server came back online I couldn't load any of the Psychlinks sites - I was getting DNS errors.

    Submitted a support ticket. Right back into the nightmare of no one doing anything to fix it and everyone passing the buck to someone else who also wasn't doing anything helpful.

    That was about 5.30 am or so I think Wednesday morning. After 48 hours with no action, I had had enough. I really don't need that kind of stress in my life any more. I have been with A Small Orange hosting for more than 10 years and up until a few months ago I couldn't say enough good things about them. Then sometime in late 2016 they were bought out by another corporate entity and things went rapidly downhill from there.

    I started researching new hosting and by Friday came to the decision to move to InMotion Hosting and all my sites are now back online on that new server. So far, their support has been excellent, the way it used to be at ASO.

    Let's hope it continues!

    The sites may also all load a little faster thanks to newer hardware, a faster primary disk drive, and upgraded operating system software.

    Thank you all for your patience.

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    Re: Moving to New Server

    All is forgiven, David. I read something about your changing servers, but I thought that was long over with. When I couldn't get in I thought "Boy, I must have really posted something bad." A friend of mine who does computer repair finally clued me in that the whole website was off line.

    All was not lost, I learned a lot about DNS and problems with Windows 10. Don't ask me to repeat it though. Definitely not my cup of tea.

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    Re: Moving to New Server

    The earlier move was to a new server at A Small Orange, which was a total disaster and a case history in how not to set up tech support and customer service with any tech company.

    That was back in February. We are now on another new server far away from A Small Orange and their rapid decline into incompetence and I predict bankruptcy.

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    Re: Moving to New Server

    How frustrating for you Dr B. I've experienced the same thing with phone companies and such.... You make all the effort to find a good service of something you need, you get used to it, but eventually they let their performance and service slide really badly when they think they can get away with it.... or like in this case, bought out and then everything changes. Hope you will have a good experience with the new company.

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    Re: Moving to New Server

    So "A Small Orange" becomes a "A Small Lemon." When one company takes over another it takes a little while to figure out their bias. Losing a good customer is definitely not a good sign.

    The perfect payback is in doing what you are doing, providing a platform that is safe with very high standards. A site where people can truly find solid support regardless of their needs. Build it to be the number one self help site on the Net, to where companies come to you and beg you to be their customer.

    Psychology is one of those subjects that has an impact on everyone, regardless. The concept for the site was brilliant. To paraphrase Thoreau, I wish you "a success unexpected in common dreams." I think a lot of people who visit here, would feel the same way. Your hard work is reflected here on your forum and it is really going to pay off, for everyone.

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    Re: Moving to New Server

    From my support ticket on the old server after 4 days:


    Thank you for contacting support.

    I was able to access domain without an issue. Is there any other issue that you would like to discuss? If not, this ticket will close automatically in 48 hours without your response

    David G.
    Web Adviser
    A Small Orange
    My response:

    You were able to access because I've moved it to another host.
    I'm a little ashamed to admit this publicly but it felt good to post that reply!

    All the Psychlinks sites were down since Wednesday morning. They would still be down if I hadn't taken action myself.

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    Re: Moving to New Server

    Quote Originally Posted by David Baxter View Post
    I'm a little ashamed to admit this publicly but it felt good to post that reply!
    All the Psychlinks sites were down since Wednesday morning. They would still be down if I hadn't taken action myself.

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