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    I come to this sight to express and air out my concerns and realize I could post a thread to 70% of the sub-forums. I don't think this makes me more "mental" than most, just maybe being able to relate to the topics in the sub-forums. I would like to zero in on one or two issues and go from there but there are layers upon layers of issues that intertwine and make it hard to zero in. That in itself could be my primary issue; my life is complex and I yearn for simplicity.

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    I can understand and relate with what you are saying Desiderata.

    The human journey is an enormously complex one.

    And for those of us who actually see and recognise that complexity and our own complexity.... even more so. 😉 (It's hard how we at times are stuck seeing all these complex levels and layers, and as you say the intertwinedness, but may not straight away find enough other people who see it too, so that we can talk about it freely. Those people are out there though. But even then... argh, the energy to talk about it.... she sheer complexity of the concepts, as you say.... definitely can be a daunting feeling.

    Even a little bit at a time that we are drawn to talking about though, when we feel inclined to... it's definitely a soothing payoff, those moments when we eventually feel a little bit understood and not alone...
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    Simplicity less confusion I hear you wish somehow all those different layers were easy to get at and understand So much energy is needed to untangle it time as well. Hope you have some support just wanted to let you know I hear you and somewhat connect to what you said. Wishing you more peaceful days Desiderata
    Words always stay inside ones soul

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