My mother used to tell me stories when I was a kid. She told me to Thank God at the end of the day and pray for yet another good day. I have never done that, but now I always do. This is a new birth for me. I was going through the most difficult times of my life and I don?t want to remember those days. I was a successful businessman and everything was going perfect. I was facing a few issues in my business and gradually my business got declined. Still, I don?t know how I lost the control of my life. I was very depressed and started using all the unwanted stuff alcohol, heroin whatever I get I used to forget my tension. My mother was totally startled by my behavior. She arranged an appointment for a drug rehabilitation program in Calgary. But I was overwhelmed by my ego that everyone would recognize me as a drug addict. I refused to undergo any kind of treatment. One day I saw my mother crying and I felt so guilty. But it was so hard for me to get rid of the addiction. Finally, I agreed to undergo the treatment and now I am so happy with my life.