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    Touched With Fire: Relationships and Bipolar Disorder

    Touched With Fire
    bu Robert T. Muller, York University Trauma & Mental Health Report
    February 28, 2017

    Touched With Fire is an exploration of bipolar disorder, art, and the difficulties of maintaining a relationship while coping with mental health issues. This film, written and directed by Paul Dalio, attempts to take an unbiased approached to bipolar disorder and how people live with it, documenting the euphoric highs and the crushing depression that comes afterward. According to Dalio, the film is based on his own personal life experiences, so does not speak for all who cope with this disorder. Touched With Fire?s portrayal of the illness gives insight into how symptoms play out for some, and the difficulties of living with the "highs and lows".

    The film stars actors Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby. Artist Vincent van Gogh, who is thought to have also suffered from bipolar disorder, is mentioned throughout the film.

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    Re: Touched With Fire: Relationships and Bipolar Disorder

    I just finished watching this and am holding back the tears.

    Without spoiling this movie for anyone that hasn't watched it yet,I found it very depressing.While I am not bipolar,I have struggled my entire life with mental illness,unaware of it until I was diagnosed and received help about 7 years ago,and after watching this I can't help but wonder if my illness raised my kids.I would never want to go back in time and not have my kids and I absolutely do not regret having them,I just wish I had known back then,wish I had received help back then.

    Maybe I am the reason they have the issues they do now.It took a long time to stop blaming myself for what they struggle with,to stop beating myself up for mistakes I made with them,all the things I should have done differently,all the would have,should have,could haves,and now I am right there again.

    Almost wish I hadn't watched this at all,not only was it depressing but now I am depressed.

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    Re: Touched With Fire: Relationships and Bipolar Disorder

    Ah,it was just a movie and I'm not upset over it today.

    It's not one I would recommend to anyone.It really bothered me that she chose to have an abortion because of her illness,because she didn't want their illness to raise their child (since they were both bipolar).It would have been so much better if they had the child and did the best they could,if they had both learned to manage their illness or any other ending besides the way it was.

    Guess I should have added a spoiler alert.



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