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    Re: Bipolar Medication Mindfulness

    That's not what I asked, but I understand, it's a touchy subject. Ahhh, the stigma.

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    Re: Bipolar Medication Mindfulness

    Quote Originally Posted by Clancey View Post
    That's not what I asked, but I understand, it's a touchy subject. Ahhh, the stigma.
    No, no. I assumed you were asking about medications for bipolar disorder. It's neither a touchy subject nor a stigma issue, just a misinterpretation of your question.

    I founded this forum. I am retired now but I used to be a psychologist.

    Personally, I have had two major depressive episodes, one in the 90s and one in the past 2-3 years (which may still be active). Because of my medical conditions (two different cancers treated since 2014 plus some peripheral vascular issues), and chronic anemia over that time span, I still lack energy and stamina and find that I tire easily and need to sleep a lot. I recently discontinued Prozac primarily to see if (a) it might be contributing to ongoing low energy and fatigue, and (b) to see if I still needed it. I'm not yet certain about the answers to either of those questions.

    I also take a low dose of clonazepam for anxiety, which I have done for many years.

    And... I just accidentally wiped the contents of my iPod so I may need to start taking large amounts of medications on an emergency basis to cope with that unexpected event.

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    Re: Bipolar Medication Mindfulness

    You know David, ever since the world witnessed Hillary Clinton's private server saga I think that people may actually be a little more mindful of what they write online. It has certainly proven to be a danger in many ways. That being said, I certainly felt understanding when you didn't list your medications. I'm not sure why I feel comfortable on this forum, but I always figure that something that I may say, might help someone else. Someone who is afraid to share openly.

    Sounds like you have certainly tasted life and the fun of growing older. With your depression it sounds like you could use some of my hypomania. If we could find a way to transfer that, we would both be famous.

    The contents of your iPod are still there. Trust me, if it was in the hands of the FBI, they certainly would find it. Perhaps a good computer geek can unlock the mystery.

    Thanks David, for being so open. Thank you for this forum and taking a concept and making it happen.

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    Re: Bipolar Medication Mindfulness

    Yes I retrieved the contents of the iPod, although it did take a bit of doing.

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    Re: Bipolar Medication Mindfulness

    Well, the panic should be over. That's the main reason I have a "Cell phone for dummies." I think it does text, however, I don't play with that.

    You know with some medications, when you stop taking them, it is common for the individual to experience the original symptoms for which the medication was prescribed. I know it is that way with the benzodiazepines and some of the anti depressants. I'm not certain about Prozac.

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