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Thread: Does Marijuana Reduce Anxiety or Make It Worse?

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    Re: Does Marijuana Reduce Anxiety or Make It Worse?

    Well I found out that it does help when I'm feeling depressed.Instantly.Just a teeny tiny amount is all that's needed since it's so potent.

    The researchers at the University of Oxford believe that paranoia, agitation and anxiety are more likely to occur based on how a person feels before using marijuana.
    I'm thinking that's true for me and probably the times it has made things worse has been when I have been triggered and already feeling paranoid,unsafe,scared,etc.I'm not positive about it,but I am unwilling to try it then to find out for sure,I don't want to take a chance.But I do think I need to talk to my Dr.,get my Alprazolam refilled or get something else for those times instead of suffering through it.

    Thank you for posting this article because I don't think I would have even thought twice about any of this otherwise.
    You will never change anything that you are willing to tolerate ~Myles Munroe

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    Re: Does Marijuana Reduce Anxiety or Make It Worse?

    Yesterday I started feeling very unsafe and anxious,not sure what triggered it,and I became extremely hypervigilant and paranoid and at least 3 times I was so startled by my husband that I jumped and screamed so loud that if I had neighbors they most likely would have called the police.

    Even though I had said I was unwilling to try marijuana again when I was feeling like that,I decided to anyway.I smoked just a teeny tiny amount,not even enough to really feel it and then a couple of hours used a little more and gradually increased the amount each time,every couple hours,and after about the 4th or 5th time I finally felt calm,and today I feel fine,no PTSD symptoms.

    I am now thinking maybe that's the key,to gradually introduce it into my system instead of trying to use a higher amount right from the beginning.I think that instant intensity of the marijuana is too overwhelming for me,too much of a drastic change and taking it slow and easy is much better.

    It also made me sleep better and I think that made a huge difference in the way I am feeling today.

    I just wanted to put this here so I will remember this.It's easy to want to over-do something,wanting instant relief,but more isn't always better.
    You will never change anything that you are willing to tolerate ~Myles Munroe

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