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    Overcoming Fear of ER due to Bipolar and past visits

    Greetings: I have degenerative disk disease which causes periodic pain in my lower back and sciatic nerve pain. After experiencing pain for a few weeks, I contacted my internist who instructed me to go to Urgent Care. After re-thinking the best way to help me, he instructed me to go to ER. I fussed and fumed because of experiences I had with medical personnel and particularly women. I was molested by a woman as a child and still suffer when I encounter women in close proximity. Additionally, when ER personnel have viewed my history and have tried to engage me on same, my defenses go through the roof and I feel so much shame and anger that I need to defend myself and portray that bipolar does not define me.
    So, this time, I asked my doctor could pave the way and ensure that I only had male medical personnel, I would go to ER. My experience in ER continues to solidify my trust in my doctor opening doors for me being more honest with him. Asking is the hardest part; so glad I did.

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    I am glad you have such a caring doctor Jesse910 that is helping you to get the treatment you need and helping you emotionally as well so there is less fear when you do reach out.
    Words always stay inside ones soul

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    Re: Overcoming Fear of ER due to Bipolar and past visits

    Well done, Jesse!

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    Re: Overcoming Fear of ER due to Bipolar and past visits

    Excellent work, I am so pleased for you!



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