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    Trying to understand my new diagnosis

    I was diagnosed with major depression about three years ago and then about three weeks ago my diagnosis was changed to bipolar...I really want to be as educated as I can about this topic because I believe that if a person is educated about their diagnosis they can play a better part in working w/ their doctor on treatment I am basically clueless about this and also I don't know if what I expierence is normal w/ bipolar or my mood swings can sometimes be extremely fast and can change quickly...I think I read somewhere that bipolar children and teens are more likely to feel the quick mood changes (I'm 18, but my doctor thinks I have been bipolar for at least 8 years putting it around the time that my dad died)...I tend to stay more in the manic stage requiring little to no sleep for weeks at a time, but when I do swing downwards it's a hard and fast drop...just wondering if this is all normal and also if anyone knows where I can get some good info...thanks
    Kelsey (kels)

    PS: I'm impressed with the new forum features, i havent looked around a lot but what I see I really Like! :-)
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    Re: trying to understand my new diagnosis

    Hi Kels,

    Have you read the post "New Canadian Magazine for Bipolar" by HeartArt ( I was just at the site and it had some interesting information. There is also the post "Bipolar Disorder: A Guide for Family and Friends" by David Baxter (

    Take care.

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