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    Suicidal man turned away

    I wasn't sure where to post this. I wish I could say this was a rare occurrence but it happens A LOT here. This man at least was lucky enough to have his family with him to advocate for him. It often ends with people being found deceased soon afterwards.

    Outrage as UHG tells another suicidal patient to "go home" - Connacht Tribune

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    Oh and this... 'Deplorable and revolting' treatment of deceased activist Dara Quigley is raised in the Dáil

    (Garda/gard?i are the police here)

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    Sorry, please feel free to take down if not appropriate - I know this forum is supposed to be more to provide help and info to people, I was just so sad and angry when I read these stories.

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    It is very sad when people who reach out for help are turned away and then are found later gone because of suicide it happens and i too get so angry at the system that fails them. Like a thirteen year old boy came in his mother had just previously committed suicide and he was being actually bullied at his school on top of his grief. They told him to go home he never made it home Why could they not have help him held him until they were sure of his mental state why because they don't believe they are suicidal they are no beds available etc etc it is heart breaking it is
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    Re: Suicidal man turned away

    There is so much change that needs to occur in this world....

    I am glad that you could share your feelings here Harebells.

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    Re: Suicidal man turned away

    Thanks guys. fmn that's so unbearably sad - the poor little guy. What gets to me also, I don't know how it is where you are, but here there are always campaigns telling people to ask for help for their mental health, but then when they do there isn't any. Thank goodness there are many charities but they can't provide treatment or even a safe physical space.

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    Very hard to get help you need through emerg dept as they are always too busy to see pt that suffering mentally it seems they are pushed to the end of the line or dismissed. I hope that things can change that when someone finally gets courage to reach out they are indeed helped sad if only they knew how hard it is for someone to reach out.
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    Re: Suicidal man turned away

    This is sadly not a rare occurrence in Canada. I could give many examples from the news and from people I have met personally. After my son died I was distressed by the number of people, including professionals, who put forward their opinion on suicide as fact when they actually had minimal training in the area of suicide. It is a complex issue but people need and deserve much better mental health care than is presently available.

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    Re: Suicidal man turned away

    So sorry to hear about your son Mari, and that the circumstances of his death were treated so negligently.



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