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    Migraine Treatment.

    Has anyone had experince of a migraine treatment called NARAMIG (natatriptan hydrochloride) My doctor has prescribed it for migraines associated with menstrual cycle, I looked it up on the internet it seems quite a powerful treatment, with side effects regarding the heart, my Doctor says it perfectly safe, I just dont like taking medincines but think in this case I may have too as the migraines are getting bad around that time of the month, I just wondered if anyone had taken this treatment, and whether it had worked or if they had had any problems with it?

    Many thanks TTE

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    Re: Migraine Treatment.

    No, I have used topamax, which is an anti seizure medication, Zomig, and imiterex, all of which weren't working for me.

    Seems (and I tired for over a year to tell them) that my migraines weren't migraines, they were severe muscle spasms that worked up the thoracic area of my back to my shoulders and to the right side of my neck into my head.

    I have had migraines before though so I knew the difference. The treatment they used on me years ago was preventive migraine medictions as I knew the migraines were oncoming before they hit.

    I'm not sure if they are even on the market any more. Caffergot, Caffergot PB, fieronal (not sure of the spelling on these) And then they prescribed soemthing that would knock me out if those did not work.

    Also, and this is somthing for you to think about in the preventive area. There are trigger foods for migraines. My worst was Blue Cheese dressing, I can't even get near that stuff. Even a taste of it will give me one. Foods with MSG in them, cheeses, some people say pizza at ngith can give them migraines as well.

    Do a search on some of the foods online, and if you can avoid these do so, this just might help in additon to the medications and reduce the headaces.

    For menstrual headaches I just take the store brand of Midol pms etc...

    Not sure if I have helped you out any, but I hope so!

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    Re: Migraine Treatment.

    Thanks Momof5!! I have taken one now as my head is hurting quite bad, I hope it works, I have found some of the over the counter products dont work, my Gp prescrbed something a while back but it didnt touch the headache, my nose gets stuffed up and I get tingling in my head and arms, feel sick and dizzy, and I get zig zags infront of my eyes,, the light hurts my eyes, I am wearing sunglasses looking at this screen,, I think chocolate is my problem as I crave it just before I am due, and I know its one of the triggers. thanks again for your reply.

    Best wishes TTE

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    Re: Migraine Treatment.

    Put an ice pack on your head, if you don't have one, make one out of two zip lock bags, put ice in one and then put the one with the ice inside of the other, and wrap it in a thin towel. Put it on your head, and if you can take ibuprofen, take one or two of those, as long as it is ok with the other medications.

    It sounds like a mix headache, sinus and migraine, and they suck big time. Go to a dark room and lay down for a while.

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    Re: Migraine Treatment.

    Hi Momof5,

    I've had a little rest, feel a little better, the tablet has worked to relieve some of the symptoms, thanks for your advice, its hard to sleep in this place in the day with all my feathered companions squawking their heads off!!! :-D

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    Re: Migraine Treatment.

    A bird collector???!!!

    OOOOooo what kind do you have????

    I have one love bird, her name is Tweety, and two tiels, Sprio and Lemon.

    I would love a few more, but space and husband would not permit, lol!

    Oh, really happy to hear you are feelign a bit better.

    Try sleeping in an area away from the birds ;>)

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    Re: Migraine Treatment.

    Hi Momof5,

    I've got 6 budgies, theres a pic of 5 of them on a thread in just for fun the threads called naming the dog or name that dog!! I use to have more but living where I do I dont have the space! I think I will have a early night tonight when they have gone to bed :-D

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    Re: Migraine Treatment.

    LOL, I could cover mine, and they hiss, they hate being covered, and they spook really easy. One lost a blood feather and was bleeding really badly once. I was afraid he was going to bleed out. They definatly don't like to be covered, they will miss something. Very curious little ones they are. lol

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    Re: Migraine Treatment.

    I very rarely cover mine in the day, if I do they find the gap between the bottom of the cage and the cover and they peer out the bars, keeping an eye on things, your right they hate to miss a thing!! :-D

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    Re: Migraine Treatment.

    lol that is funny,
    I keep the love bird cage on top of the tiels cage, and she is always looking down to see what those other two are up to, lol. Sometimes she even throws food at them!

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