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    Does Barley Tea Have Benefits To Health?

    Anyone here who had barley tea. What are the benefits of Barley Tea?
    Want to know the health benefits of barley tea?
    Is it a healthy alternative to coffee, roasted barley tea.

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    Re: Does Barley Tea Have Benefits To Health?

    If you google barley tea, you'll find numerous websites, articles, and videos extolling its virtues, with claims that it cures or prevents a multitude of medical problems and health conditions or issues, including cancer.

    Does that sound improbable to you?

    It should.

    Look at the sources. For all of those Google listings, not one is from an evidenced-based medical site. Not one.

    That doesn't mean you might want to try it. Coffee and tea don't cure anything either but they can be pleasant to drink in moderation.

    You should also do a search for barley tea side effects. Yes, there are some.



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