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    Testing thread for posts

    Yo. So I made 3 posts using the quick reply button from my desktop tonight (on 2 separate threads), all of which became auto merged double posts.

    I wasn't going to make a testing thread as I'm not sure if automerged posts to the OP will replicate the problem. Just to increase the number of variables, I'm now on my tablet so chance of replication is even lower.

    But at least here's a thread for future test posting even if this issue is no longer an issue.

    ---------- Post Merged at 10:30 PM ---------- Previous Post was at 10:28 PM ----------

    And now to try it out. Here, I'm guessing, is not a duplicate post.

    ---------- Post Merged at 10:32 PM ---------- Previous Post was at 10:30 PM ----------

    Confirmed no current issue on tablet.
    Will try the desktop again in the morning if I remember, with hopefully the same result.

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    Re: Testing thread for posts

    I completely overslept this morning, but here we go! Desktop attempt.

    ---------- Post Merged at 06:29 PM ---------- Previous Post was at 06:27 PM ----------

    Confirmed no issue on desktop either. Never mind then

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    Re: Testing thread for posts


    Dum spiro spero....While I breathe, I hope

    Tourette Canada Forum

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    Re: Testing thread for posts

    @gooblax, just so you don't think you were imagining things, there were some temporary issues yesterday on the server and on one occasion I encountered a similar problem.

    I will be tweaking a few server settings over the next few days, too, to try to optimize server response. I'm finding that sometimes posting using Quick Reply seems to hang for a few seconds.

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