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I knew about this... just briefly forgot.

Iím haunted by a literal refusal to treat my severely degenerated neck and spine. The pain is unreal and yet there is an insistence that I see a psychiatrist.

I just saw a psychiatrist.... for three 1-hour visits.

The conclusion made by the psychiatrist is that I have complex PTSD. Itís caused by physical doctors repeatedly dismissing me and stating I have a mental illness; to go get treatment for psychogenic pain and take CBT/DBT treatments. .

I just finished three hour long appointments with a psychiatrist. She says I have complex PTSD caused by repeatedly being dismissed, not having my physical conditions treated, and being in extreme pain all the time.

I said great, report it. Help me stop other doctors from dismissing me.

Apparently thatís the challenge... no one can do that; they canít report the gaps in our health care system.

I wish I could take my MRIís and go to another country to get treated. I could prove the doctors in Canada are biased against treating me. I just need to know how to find someone and then get there.

PTSD canít be treated if the traumatizing events are ongoing and thereís no way to stop it.

Severe spinal stenosis is known to be a painful condition. How can doctors refuse to treat it? How can they label it psychogenic pain when a psychiatrist clearly states this diagnosis is wrong....

I hate pain. I hate being alone, and I hate being disbelieved. Itís cruel and unusual treatment.

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