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    "Update your profile" message

    When you log in, you may see a notice to update your profile.

    This is because I am trying out a new improved (I hope) newsletter (it hasn't been sent out yet - I'm just configuring it).

    If you click through to your profile, you will see:

    Receive Forum Newsletters
    Set this to "Yes" to receive the Psychlinks Forum Newsletter. These contain forum news and lists of new and updated threads since your last visit. You may cancel this subscription temporarily or permanently at any time.
    Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click save.

    You only need to do this once.

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    Re: "Update your profile" message

    Mine did require an update... Before it would allow me to view any threads, because I had an empty field which is apparently now mandatory. So hopefully everyone can sort out their profile first before needing to view this thread

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    Re: "Update your profile" message

    I've changed it to be required at registration or at profile updating so it won't annoy people by demanding that you edit it now.

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    Re: "Update your profile" message

    Good move Dr. B.!
    It was more confusing than annoying.

    I think Gooblax summed up our late night PM conversation about it in one concise sentence



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