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    Internet Child Predators

    Anyone watch the NBC Dateline documentary on Catching Internet Child Predators III?

    Dateline has done three of these where they work with a child predator protection group that sets up decoys to trap predators.

    The predators are then filmed as they enter the house, and are subsequently interviewed by the Dateline host by a hidden camera.

    Version 3 included police officers that arrested 50 predators over a three day period. Predators come from every socio economic group and from every imaginable occupation and profession. They all claimed, during the hidden camera interview with the Dateline host that this was their first time, they did not intend to have sex with the child, or that they were unaware they were coming to see a child. In all cases they were shown to have confirmed the age of the decoy child of 13, and they usually sent sexually explicit photos of themselves to the child.

    How can internet sites wanting to provide a safe environment for young people protect young people from these predators?

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    Re: Internet Child Predators

    There's really not much an internet site can do to protect a child who's being groomed by a predator. The manpower to watch every private message conversation isn't there, much less the ability to monitor instant messaging systems. It has to be up to the parents of these children to see that their internet experiences are safe. That can be done by making sure that your child is not on the internet when you're not there, and that they are within your line of sight when they ARE on the internet.

    Kids just don't want to accept the fact that they don't know enough to keep themselves safe. They're naive because they're young. It's sad that there are those who would take advantage of that naivete.

    By the way, I'm a member of Perverted Justice. It's a good bunch of people who are determined to catch these perverts and do everything they can to protect children from them. I've got to give it to all the people who put their time into this endeavor.

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    Re: Internet Child Predators

    I'm a member of Perverted Justice
    Do they have local chapters or do they operate at a National level? What services do they provide and to whom?

    According to the documentary, one in five children is approached by a predator! Now that is frightening.

    If you saw the documentary, there was reference to another organization the name of which I missed..someting like that's not it. Would you happen to know the name?

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    Re: Internet Child Predators

    Here's the internet site for Perverted Justice:

    At the top, there's the option to register for the forums. Doing so will allow you to learn who and what Perverted Justice is and represents. The Guests forum is open for all to read, and is available to you at the link I've provided.

    Perverted Justice works on a national level, with members from all walks of life and all across the US. It's quite a large organization and has had some significant impact on the growing problem of internet predators.

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    Re: Internet Child Predators

    Thank you for the additional information about Perverted Justice. The problem with internet predators is an issue that needs greater awareness so parents can take the steps to educate their children.

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    Re: Internet Child Predators

    Dateline NBC continues to produce the series of sting programs with the aid of Perverted Justice, a group dedicated to catch online predators, and local police to catch predators and to demonstrate how pervasive is this type of criminal behaviour .

    To date they have produced four of these sting operations and the fifth will be aired on Wednesday May 3, 2006. I think it's at 9:00 pm, but if you are interested check locally.

    According to their website, another episode done in Ft. Myers FLA will air Wednesday May 10

    If you have ever wondered about the prevalence of child internet predators, consider watching the program.


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    Re: Internet Child Predators

    I have not been on for awhile. I have been busy with my SSI claim.

    I was surfing the internet the other night, and what I found was shocking. When I was 18, I gave my son up for adoption. When he turned 18, he found me. I met him on his high school graduation. For 18 years, he lived two hours away from me. Since then I have talked to him on the phone, mailed him letters, emailed him and seen him in person. He even spent time with me in the summer. I have two children. A son who is 14, and a daughter who is 16. Jed seemed to be the perfect kid. He was a straight "A" student, he traveled to China, Germany and Alaska, he was going to be a computer programmer, and he had wonderful parents. But this is what I found. This happened back in November of 2005.

    A 22-year-old man wanted by the FBI was arrested Monday, Nov. 7 near his home in Arizona City on multiple sex charges.

    Jed Poulsen was arrested without incident by deputies from the Pinal County Sheriff's Office during a traffic stop on Sunland Gin Road. He was booked into the Pinal County jail in Florence on three counts of furnishing obscene materials to minors and two counts of luring a minor for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

    Authorities think Poulsen sent pronographic pictures through a Web cam to a person he thought was a 12-year-old girl, according to KVOA Channel 4 in Tucson. The pictures actually went to members of an Internet watchdog group and reporters from KVOA.

    I didn't believe it at first, but when I saw the video tapes and saw his picture, I knew it was him.

    I am still in a state of shock. I want to talk to him, but I don't know if I can right now. I suffer from bi-polar manic depression. I have just come out of a low. But I think about what could have made him do this. Was he starved for attention? Was he lonely? In an interview, Jed told reporters he could relate to kids younger than him better than kids his own age. But I think he knows right from wrong.

    Right now I think he is out on bail awaiting trial. I couldn't find too many details on the Casa Grande Newspaper website. He was indicted on four charges. If he is found guilty, he will serve a lot of jail time, since these are felonies.

    Can someone give me some insight. I am so confused.

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    Re: Internet Child Predators

    I don't know that there's any way to answer your questions about why he may have done this, Brenda. And he probably can't and won't tell you anything himself at least until his trial.

    Are you in touch with him currently?

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    Re: Internet Child Predators

    Ouch, hon! It's got to be very, very difficult to uncover this kind of information about someone for whom you care. There's no way you can know why he did these things. He might not even really understand it at this point. Hopefully, now that the truth is out he can get some help. While this kind of thing isn't easy to treat, those who are truly motivated to change CAN do so.

    If you don't feel you're able to cope with contact at this point because of your condition, I'd wait. He may try to contact you. If so, and if the contact is a trigger for your depression, get thee to your therapist for help! The one thing you MUST realize is that this is NOT your fault. These are decisions HE made. He needs help and he needs to WANT to change his ways. Don't take the onus of his actions on yourself. It's the worst thing you can do, for you...and for him.

    Hugs to you, luv. You're in a rough position here.

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    Re: Internet Child Predators

    Hi Brenda,

    I really don't know what to say except that my thoughts and prayers are with you. I can only imagine the situation you are in right now. My first thought is that you need to take care of yourself first so therefore you can be supportive to him (if needed). I don't think that parents ever really give up on their children (at least mine didn't....and I thank god today that they didn't).

    Anyway, again I am thinking of you.

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