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Thread: ODSP Reviews

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    ODSP Reviews


    I was just wondering if anyone had any idea how/why ODSP determines when a medical review will be in 1 year vs 3 years vs 5 years, etc...I have mainly mental issues and just applied and am just curious to know. Is it mainly mental issues that get just 1 year? Thanks.

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    Re: ODSP Reviews

    Sorry. I have no idea.

    But I would imagine that it depends on the specific diagnosis and the prognosis your doctor submits. For example, someone with a diagnosis of schizophrenia would not likely be reviewed very often because their situation isn't likely to change rapidly. Someone with a diagnosis of reactive depression (major depressive episode, non-recurrent) would likely be reviewed more often, depending on the doctor's prognosis.

    But I'm guessing. I don't know for certain.

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    It does depend on what your doctor has written as with someone i know it was written very poor prognosis long term and she is reviewed every every 3 yrs i believe so it does depend on the severity your doctor writes down.
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    Re: ODSP Reviews

    Sorry for the delay but just wanted to say thank you for the responses. I was approved really quickly.. about 3 weeks.. with no review.. Very surprised and relieved. Thanks again. Happy holidays.



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