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    Wind out of my sail

    We found out a couple of weeks ago that my mom has brain cancer. She is 70 years old and has otherwise been in good health. They've done brain surgery on her to remove the largest tumor. She starts radiation on Monday for the other two smaller tumors in her brain. After a few weeks of radiation she will then start chemotherapy for other parts of her body that have been invaded. From going to the doctor because what was thought to be an inner ear infection to having terminal cancer has been by far the biggest bump in the road for all of us. We are a close family and at this stage my mom is still mom but I worry for her in the near future. The fear and worry have take the wind out of my sail. I have learned to take it one day at a time and focus on the present. This way of thinking has helped even though it has taken this life changing event to make it so.

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    Re: Wind out of my sail

    Experiences like this do have a way of redefining what is important and what is not, and almost forcing you to live more in the present, being grateful for today and worrying less about the past or the future.

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    Re: Wind out of my sail

    My thoughts are with you and your family....



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