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    Windows 10 Version 1709

    Two of my systems updated to Windows 10 version 1709 yesterday.

    The updates took several hours, over 8 hours on one system.

    It would be recommended to review system settings as it appears version 1709 resets several settings to the way Microsoft would prefer to see them.

    Power settings were reset to impractical parameters; verify security settings (Defender) to make sure the settings reflect your preferences, as well as your default browser settings...MS would like to set Edge as your default browser.

    If you discover other settings reset to conflict with your previously set preferences, please post them here.

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    Re: Windows 10 Version 1709

    LAN Networking since creator's update and fall update can be a pain in the behind.
    If I start my file server first it doesn't show up in network on it and other win 10 PCs.
    Something to do with network master browser. Still available but can't browse it manually from explorer.
    Issue seems to be related to my 2 AMD PC's that have built in realtek network interfaces.

    Yes, I know, what am I doing with 4 PCs in a one bedroom apartment.
    "If at first you don't succeed....
    CRY and CRY again!"

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    Re: Windows 10 Version 1709

    I assume you've already googled for solutions?

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    Re: Windows 10 Version 1709

    Yup, not much luck. I always say Google's your friend... Not this time!
    The common response is to reset network adapter to fix issue. Works till rebooted. Then back to same issue.
    I just power on my old Intel PC in the bedroom first and all is well (for now)

    Might try getting an add on Ethernet card to see if it's different. Hydro is included in my rent but it's silly to have a second computer on for nothing but at least it works.
    Oh, and also Had to turn off static IP that has worked forever and set it to DHCP so I forced the address to fixed in my router.

    It just bugs me that I can't have it working as I want (and had it working before) is all.

    I have a love/hate relationship with Windows 10.
    "If at first you don't succeed....
    CRY and CRY again!"

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    Re: Windows 10 Version 1709

    Thanks for the Links but Doesn't help...
    Tried a few things and messed up the server also having trouble doing a system restore ... trying an older restore point... Should have imaged the drive FIRST!

    EDIT: NOPE can't go back
    "If at first you don't succeed....
    CRY and CRY again!"

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    Re: Windows 10 Version 1709

    Yes it does but I finally managed to get things back as they were (I think/hope).
    So all in all just a rough half day. Will live with it as is since I'm not paying hydro just leave both on 24 hours a day.
    "If at first you don't succeed....
    CRY and CRY again!"



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