Why I Take Medication for My Bipolar Depression
by Julie A. Fast, bpHope
December 28, 2017

While medication side effects can be difficult, it is important to consider if they are easier to manage than the symptoms of bipolar depression.

I got low on my medication for just a week and the depression swooped in like a big black bird of prey. It circled around my head and landed on my shoulder, then whispered terrible things in my ear.

I am back on my meds. It is natural for us to mess with meds. They have side effects that we despise, but messing with them can have consequences.

But I despise depression and mania more. I forget what the depression is like. Without medications, I cry at least once a day. I am a waterfall. I am hopeless and helpless. I actually get catatonic and have trouble holding up my head.

With meds, I can more easily get on with life.

Bipolar can be treated naturally ? if you are willing to live a monk-like existence, you can prevent most mood swings. But few of us can live like monks. We are explorers and great thinkers in my opinion. Life is our trigger.

I need meds. If you are sick without meds, if you can?t work without meds, if you can?t maintain relationships without meds and if you can?t support yourself without meds, please think about the trade offs.

I have a list that I use with myself and all of my coaching clients. It?s called the "Why I Hate Meds and Why I Take Meds" list. On one side, I list what I don?t like about medications. On the other side, I list what life is like without medications and what life is like on medications. If the right side is stronger, I stay on the med.

No one said bipolar disorder management was easy. It isn?t. But for many of us, it is a LOT easier with meds. Myself included.

Depression is icky and makes me look like a different person. I choose meds.

PS: Please know that my meds take care of about 50% of my depression. The rest is up to me in terms of lifestyle choices. I use the ideas in Get it Done When You?re Depressed daily. Often, the meds take away the most dangerous parts of a mood swing and we have to deal with the rest. For some people, meds work really well, so please don?t give up! Keep trying to find one that works for you!