Flintstones vitamins replaced with ‘unidentified capsules’ prompts Health Canada warning
By Rebecca Joseph, Globalnews.ca
January 12, 2018

Health Canada is warning parents to check their bottles of children’s “Flintstones Plus Iron” vitamins after one bottle was returned containing the wrong pills.

Officials say the bottle contained “unidentified capsules instead of the proper chewable tablets,” and was returned in Longueuil, Que.

Only one incident has been reported, according to both Health Canada and the company that produces the vitamins, Bayer Inc.

Bayer Inc. said the capsules that were inside the bottle were not a product either manufactured or sold by the company.

Health Canada says anyone who purchased the vitamins should check their bottle to be sure it contains the proper tablets as pictured below.

This is what Flintstones plus Iron pills should look like.

If a child has consumed an unidentified tablet, contact your family doctor and report the incident to Health Canada and to Bayer Inc.

Officials also warned people to “Check product packaging before buying to make sure they have not been opened, torn, damaged or otherwise tampered with.”

Bayer Inc. told Health Canada that the company completed an investigation and “concluded that the unidentified capsules found in the bottle were not due to an issue at the Bayer manufacturing site.”

There were no details on how the capsules had come to be in the Flintstones bottle.

Canadians can reach Bayer Inc. at 1-800-714-4449.