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    Marsha Linehan on the Future of DBT

    Marsha M. Linehan, creator of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), sits down with Lee Pepper to discuss the future of DBT. She was the opening keynote speaker at Moments of Change 2015.

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    Re: Marsha Linehan on the Future of DBT

    So Interesting her thoughts on technology and treatment for people who have been invalidated by core people in their lives. The thing with technology will it be made available to people who cannot afford it really and i don't know to me they will become dependent on that technology and not develop the ability to take care of themselves without it. Just my thoughts, but very interesting topics thanks Daniel. Exposure therapy for invalidation by important people in the past how would that be done if those people who harmed are not around to undue harm that was done just thought just my thoughts I am glad she is bringing hope to people who have been kicked out of programs for like she said for behaviors that brought them there in first place.
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