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Thread: 2 months

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    2 months

    i am trying a new thing to try and help me see the good side of things in order to help me get threw other difficulties.. i hope it works.. so this is the reason of this post i wanted to say that i have not cut in 2 months and the old scars are finally fading a bit and i feel really proud about that i am finally getting back control on that aspect and i am happy for it
    Life is all a perception. Do you see what I see? ...
    The more I fade away, the more they want me to stay...

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    Re: 2 months

    Good for you, Ashley! Well done!

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    Re: 2 months

    Good for you, sweetie! You've got reason to be proud as Punch!

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    Re: 2 months

    Wow, thats such a long time to go, your so stong! Keep it up Ashely, I'm proud of you as well.
    &quot;How grateful I was then to be part of the mystery, to love and to be loved. Lets just hope that is enough.&quot;<br />-Conor Oberst

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    Re: 2 months

    That is great news, Ashley! Good for you
    "As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being." - Carl Jung

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    Re: 2 months

    Excellent work!!!

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    Re: 2 months

    i feel really proud about that i am finally getting back control on that aspect and i am happy for it
    that's great to hear hun!! it just shows you that often you can do things if you just set your mind to it, b/c you ARE more than this or any other problem.

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    Re: 2 months

    Two months!!! Thats great I know how hard it is to stop cutting so I want you to know I am very impressed with the hard work you've been doing.
    Take care

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