Montana brand frozen strawberries recalled by Adonis
CBC News
April 15, 2018

A recall has been issued for one-kilogram bags of Montana brand frozen strawberries sold by the Adonis Group in Quebec and Ontario, due to possible contamination with hepatitis A.

The recall was issued April 14 and was triggered by findings in an investigation into a foodborne illness outbreak, according to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. It applies to all products purchased on or before that date.

The strawberries were sold exclusively at Adonis markets.

Some cases of illnesses associated with the consumption of the strawberries have been reported. Anyone who has purchased them is advised to not eat them.

Infection with hepatitis A usually manifests as a fever, loss appetite, nausea, vomiting and abdominal discomfort. The virus can also cause jaundice.

Symptoms may appear up to 50 days after consumption.