Dr. Oz warns viewers about "fake" psychics wants you to pay for "real" onesby Dr. Jen Gunter,
May 10, 2018

Dr. Oz has been selected by our science loving President to serve on the President's Council for Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition. This will allow Dr. Oz to get the White House stamp of approval for his "negative calorie foods" and "belly blasting diets."

I am totally sure Dr. Oz will do the right thing to get good quality information out to the general public because, after all, that is his brand. I mean just this week he warned his viewers about "fake" psychics.

No. Really.

Apparently, there are "tons of fake psychics preying on innocent people's hopes and dreams" and it is time to put and end to theses "scams" so you can spend your money on Oz Approved "real" psychics.

Fake psychics, don't you know, come from places like Romania and will trick you into believing someone has cursed you, which I suspect feels somewhat like reading content on DrOz.com. Fake psychics will "lie to you and say that your life will be cursed unless you give them money, jewelry, property, or other possessions to lift the curse. In some cases, they may even take your money and valuables in exchange for casting a spell on your enemies."

Wow, Dr. Oz had some pretty brought training in mediums in his cardiothoracic surgery residency.

Who does Dr. Oz offer up as a real psychic? So glad you asked. Laura Lynne Jackson, the very scam artist I saw at the GOOP health event. She trolled a room filled with women who could pay $650 a ticket and used sentences like these as part of her cold readings:

  • Have you thought about buying purse?
  • Do you like shoes?
  • Do you have a website?

This is what mediums do, they pick up on cues from how their subject is dressed, their posture, and microexpressions and then offer the educated guess that they make as proof of personal information from speaking with a loved one who has "crossed over." And yes, they charge for that. Laura Lynne Jackson is big time now and just does speaking engagements.

I sat in the audience with Laura Lynne Jackson and heard her tell the room that death in not real. I'm sorry, but that's ****ed up and it's wrong so it is no surprise that Dr. Oz promotes it. I wonder if that is the kind thing Dr. Oz used to tell patients before heart surgery, "Hey, don't worry if we can't get you off of bypass, after all death isn't real!" In fact, if death isn't real why do heart surgery at all? Still waiting for that death is not real thing to work out with my son. I am totally sure the Oz Approved medium Laura Lynne Jackson would be able to speak with him if I paid to attend one of her speaking engagements.

Buying a book from an Oz Approved medium is ok and paying a "real" psychic is totally fine and absolutely worth your hard earned dollars, just doesn't buy candles and crystals from a Romanian psychic make sure you go to GOOP.com for that.