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    How do I know if I have bipolar disorder?

    I'm a 23 year old mother of two with a pretty messed up life right now and i often wonder, is there something wrong? i am unable to make simple descions of any type, and i constantly have this tight feeling in my stomach all day over i don't even know what. one day i feel so happy and full of energy and the next sad, so sad, and mentally drained. my anger gets the better of me sometimes and i feel like there is no escape, my mother is schizophrenic and i am so scared it has been passed on. please help, i have no idea.

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    Re: How do i know if i have bipolar.

    That's not much to base a diagnosis on, Ange, even if I did offer diagnosis on the forums.

    First, the fact that your mother had schizophrenia does statistically increase the risk for you, but only from about 1% (the general population rate) to something like maybe 9 or 10% - the odds are still very much in your favor.

    That said, there is an increased risk of you developing an issue with depression, an anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, or even ADHD.

    Whether you're actually showing symptoms of any of those things is another matter. What are your sleeping and eating habits like? Do you use alcohol or non-prescription drugs of any kind regularly? Are there a lot of stresses in your life curently? How old are your children? Are you a single parent or in a comitted relationship? If the latter, how is that gooing? Are you a worrier? Do you have perfectionist tendencies?

    On the days when you are feeling depressed, how "bad" does the depression get and how lojng does it typically last? On the days when you are feeling more upbeat and energetic, how long does that generally last?

    Are there any other unusual symptoms - thoughts, feelings, ideas?

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    Re: How do i know if i have bipolar.

    my chldren are 5 and 1 a girl and boy. i am in a relationship which i do not have any desire to be in but i am too scared to let go, because i am scared and really don't want to hurt him. i sleep ok but wake up in sweats sometimes. generally i when i'm down i'm at the point where i feel like pulling my hair because it hurts and it is so frustrating to think and feel the way i do. i am under alot of stress but most of it is because of my own stupid actions. i've tried to resolve things myself but i feel like i am at breaking point now

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    Re: How do i know if i have bipolar.

    It sounds a lot more like chronic anxiety and stress than anything else. Is seeing a counselor feasible for you at present?

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    Re: How do I know if I have bipolar disorder?

    Yes i suppose so. i just wanted to explore other options thats all i have been to councellers all my life and can never really be completely open with them.feel as if they even they judge me. but i will give it another shot thankyou.

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    Re: How do I know if I have bipolar disorder?

    Hi ang6225. I just wanted to say hello and welcome you to the forums.



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