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    Conversion Disorder

    can anyone help me out here, i have read lots of sites on this subject, and while all describe this condition, no one has suggested any means of help for some one with it.. and i can't seem to find anyone who has experienced it either.. has anyone even heard of this?

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    Re: conversion disorder

    This is what I could find:
    - "a psychiatric condition in which emotional distress or unconscious conflict are expressed through physical symptoms"
    - seems to be treated w/ therapy (for underlying emotional conflicts), medication, and maintaining the function of the body part that is affected among other possible treatments

    Conversion Disorder- Harvard Medical School
    What is Conversion Disorder? Mayo Clinic
    Medical Encyclopedia

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    Re: Conversion Disorder

    thank you Eunoia at least you found something.. *s*

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    Re: Conversion Disorder

    hi again, having read the harvard medical info, i'm delighted in a way to finally find a site that had a lot more info on it. unfortunately for me, it also says there is no way to prevent this from occuring , and that for me spells trrouble.. i was hoping that with whatever treatment, (when i eventually get apt) that i wouldn't have any more episodes, paralysis, and other stuff..
    the most frightening thing of all is knowing i have no control over what my unconsious mind decides to do in any given situation. Even when i feel okay bout it. (e.g claustrophobic situations).. Not sure what to expect now.. actually i'm bloody terrified!.

    i think i'm losing the plot...
    have anxiety feeling now all the time and writing this has made me realise that it must be this that is causing it and i don't know how to deal with it.
    A few other things are going on as well or have resurfaced since coming out of hospital a few weeks ago,, maybe they all linked, I esppecially don't want anyone touchng me, even those i would normally share a hug with, don't want to be in the house, but when i go out can't wait to go home again, my walking speed is so slow no matter how hard i try to speed up, a little bit even, doesn't happen. Noise is driving me nuts... I wnat to be on my own more and more and that is def not like me. what is happening?? anyone??

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    Re: Conversion Disorder

    You might want to try combining your search for "conversion disorder" with the word somatization. I did, and here's another link for you, Notsure:

    As I read the article written here, this does not seem like a "life sentence", necessarily. It does require long-term committment on the part of both the patient and the doctor treating the condition. It is more than possible that you can overcome this problem with determination and professional help. The sooner you get an appointment and get started, the better are your chances of winning this battle.

    Best of luck to you! Please keep us posted on what you learn and how you're doing.

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    Re: Conversion Disorder

    thank you, 'thatlady' that link you provided indeed had very valuable info. and confirms what i actually said to the doc in the hospital, that i had done this to myself, (once it was confirmed no actual medical condition existed) it was the only explanation left. If i could only now reverse the process i could prob get back to life as it was. I know that this is just maybe an illusion because i also know that other factors had to play a part. guess i will have to wait and see, and get help to identify what & why. Tis obviously buried deep in my mind somewhere.

    thanks again. *s*

    p.s. will let ye know what happens,

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    Re: Conversion Disorder

    I just read an old post by someone called comfortzone? and he reffered to a client of his that had conversion disorder. i am wondering if its possible that he (comfortzone) has any more info?. or if Julie who also posted on the same page topic was "hello" has info that might be useful to me. I have been diagnosed with this and feel very much alone here. would love to "talk" to another person who has similar diagnosis.

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    Re: Conversion Disorder

    Try sending comfortzone a Private Message... or actually I'll do that and reference your post.

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    Re: Conversion Disorder

    Hi Notsure,

    I have two clients with conversion disorder now. One important thing you have to understand about this disorder: it is not all made up in your head. It is not a conscious effort. You learned to "stuff," "swallow," or "deny" your emotions. Your feelings became what I call made "cellular." We can carry around our feelings in a number of ways and have significant impairments as a result. Anxiety tends to be the triggering event for conversion disorder to surface. Then it seems like you have some neurological problem but when your doctors rule out all neurological symptoms as being pseudo-like (such as pseudo-seizures). Only when the symptoms have been medically ruled pseudo then you can receive help.

    You have read the different symptoms from the materials supplied by the other moderators. It is important that your treatment focus on stress reduction. Being able to handle life stressors can reduce the symptoms related to conversion disorder. If you do not have a therapist, I would suggest that you go to a psychologist as they are more likely to have the necessary training to assist you with your situation. Hypnosis can also be beneficial so you might find a psychologist who can provide this service. Anti-anxiety medications are likely needed as well. You would want to go to your psychiatrist to obtain these medications.

    You are not alone. You have the supportive members here. You can come here and talk about your feelings and how things are going for you. Talking about things that bother you is important. Get your feelings out on paper too. It will also give you an opportunity to reflect back on where you have come from. Please take care and keep us posted. Ask any questions and we will do our best to answer them for you. Best wishes,

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    Re: Conversion Disorder

    hello comfortzone, thank you for posting above reply,
    knowing you may be able to answer any questions is a great relief. ( even if i never asked any!) My head has been spinning since i came home. The more i read on this subject the more convinced i am that it is indeed in my head, i remember thinking some weeks ago, that i needed a break. Look where i ended up!! not able to walk for a while !. Now i can walk again.

    It is important that your treatment focus on stress reduction.
    what i cannot understand about what is happening now is,a sometime back, i changed my lifestyle to one that was really and truly heaven. I gave up a job that was stressful, found a new one, which was perfect! only couple hrs a week and rest time was my own. then panic attack and downhill since then.

    Doesn't make any sense to me at all!!

    Anxiety tends to be the triggering event for conversion disorder to surface
    I can't say that i remember having any anxiety attacks before this happened, only since i came home.
    So i'm kinda stumped on that one. A Dr. asked if anything traumatic had happened in last 6mths. all i could think of was the panic attack that started my downhill slide and not being able to go to work. ???

    Anti-anxiety medications are likely needed as well.

    edited by author.
    I think Comfortzone you now have 3 patients with conversion disorder.*s*.

    I have my 1st apt with this psychologist on Mon.. I rang hospital and asked if i was on the list, i wasn't but they rang me today and gave me apt straight away. Now i'm nervous and relieved at same time.. I'm afraid actually that i will convince him that there is nothing wrong with me. This is something i have gotten really good at over the yrs. I know i have "stuff" that i wouldn't dream of touching, afraid to really.. and yet i think some of this stuff or rather not dealing with it, is the real reason i am the way i am at the min. Tis all locked away and has been for some yrs..

    See i'm waffling again...
    Question, are medications really needed? (normally i don't even take paracetamol for a headache) Will i be able to return to work anytime soon? why do i want to be on my own more and more? am i going out of my flipping mind?? is there a chance i will end up in psych ward?
    how do i prevent someting like this from happening again.?

    I hope u are not sorry you replied!! but i am sorry for going on and on...

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