Thanks for your participation and I understand why others chose not to guess... It's all good!

For those who guessed ADHD:

Yes, right on the nose!

Well, not too sure on the severity... Something something about 14 "risk factors" when not taking Vyvanse 50mg, and it was cut down to 7 risk factors when I WAS taking Vyvanse.

I was originally put on 60 mg but I was swinging from the rafters and lost 10 lbs from running around constantly. I requested to go down a notch to 50 mg. Seems easier on me AND other people! 😄

Not to mention, previously before I was put on Vyvanse, I had been put on an other other ADHD med for two years and when I was tested on THAT one (Concerta, I think), I still had 14 "risk factors" but just different ones or differently balanced one. So THOSE are a couple of years I wish I could take back ... 😑

Don't get me wrong! Different meds work differently/just fine for different individuals. Just so happens that Vyvanse seems to be a better fit for me...

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GaryQ: Yes!!!

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Thanks Gooblax, it's all good. The results didn't shock me exactly... I felt so stupid about not being able to follow seemingly simple instructions no matter how many times they were repeated to me. Now at least I don't feel stupid. Much 🥳

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ForgetMeNot: Mania as in the BiPolar kind, or can a person have just the mania?

My doctor didn't think I had that, but I'm on an anti-anxiety med & an anti-depression med... I do have an aunt who is BiPolar, but I think mostly our family deals with anxiety...