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    Why are so many people viewing...

    and not many responding???

    Need more interaction on this board... Come on people, start posting and responding.

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    Re: WHY so many people viewing

    Hi sunset;
    I have been a member of this forum for a while now and find that it is always full of all kinds of responses and/or new threads. I feel that the members here do a fantastic job of addressing all concerns. They do it with knowledge, experience, care, and compassion. Given that, sometimes, there really isn't much to add, but it's a lot to read over, take in, and learn from.

    If you have a topic that you would like to discuss, please, by all means, post it for all to read and reply to.

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    Re: WHY so many people viewing

    Hi Sunset,
    I'm relatively new on this site,, and i can say from my point of view that i tend to read more than respond. Some topics do not need responding to, others i wouldn't as have no experience on the topic. I have learnt alot tho from viewing only and would feel that others have done so as well. I respond (sometimes) where i think i can maybe give a wee bit of hope or understanding and sometimes just to let others know that I'm "listening. Also i post on my own topic as i need the answers(ie i felt very alone before finding this site) ppl give and hope that by posting where i'm at, others won't feel alone in similar situation.

    Hope this goes some way to ans your question.

    Take care

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    Re: WHY so many people viewing

    An additional point to consider: I anticipated when I launched this forum that many people would prefer to read anonymously. I'm fine with that. If someone reading posts here can find even partial answers or solutions to issues troubling him or her, I consider that a success for the forum.

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    Re: WHY so many people viewing

    Thank you to all who responded.... I guess I am used to other message boards that move quickly, but its not a Pschy forum either.
    I just kind of had the feeling that I am "talking to the wall" so to speak. After reading your messages, I understand and realize most people are reading and hopefully learning something.

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    Re: WHY so many people viewing

    Generally, on this forum, if you ask for a response, you'll get one. Sometimes, people post just for the purpose of getting something off their chest. They really don't want a response. Other times, people read and don't post at all, as others have said. There's much to be gleaned from these boards, whether or not one posts. Yet, if you really need a response, you can bet your booty you'll get one.

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    Re: Why are so many people viewing...

    I dont know about others but some days if you dont feel to well you dont feel like responding, you just read, maybe if your minds foggy you cannot think what to say, i get like that sometimes....

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    Re: Why are so many people viewing...

    Hey sunset. Also, I find that sometimes I might want to respond to something, but I'm not sure how to. Other times, I'm nervous that I might offend someone. And then again, other times I can't seem to stop responding :shock:

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    Re: Why are so many people viewing...

    When I was new to this forum I thought that no one liked me beacause no one responded to a question that I posted!!! I wanted to leave the site, until a few members were kind to me and I realised that I was just being paranoid! I also was used to another site/forum! Now I can fully understand why the site runs as it does!

    And honestly I would like to have a lot more time than I do to come on here and post etc...


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    Re: Why are so many people viewing...

    I think sometimes people want time to think about how to respond, what to say. Sometimes, I get to a post at the end of seeing clients all day and I think I'm too tired at that point to construct a coherent reply or to offer anything constructive - I may leave it at that point to come back to it later.

    Or, sometimes if there are several posts in a short period of time, the post might just be missed - in that case, "bumping" it after a day or two as a reminder may be helpful.

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