Portable garage heaters sold in Canada recalled due to fire risk
CBC News
Apr 05, 2019

Health Canada says the units can overheat and catch fire

Information including the model number and date of manufacturing can be found on labels on the back of the heaters. (Health Canada)

Health Canada has issued a recall on four brands of portable garage heaters that the government agency says pose a fire hazard.

Mastercraft, Profusion Heat, Prestige and Matrix 4800W/240V portable garage heaters can overheat, which could cause burns and fires, and consumers should immediately stop using them, the agency said.

The Mastercraft model of the recalled heater is blue; models sold under the Profusion Heat, Prestige and Matrix brands look the same, but are red. (Health Canada)

As of March 29, manufacturer H.E. Industrial had received 10 reports of the heaters overheating and three reports of them catching fire and damaging property in Canada. No injuries related to those incidents were reported, Health Canada said in the recall announcement Wednesday.

The recall applies to products with Intertek (ETL) certification file number 3153457. The Mastercraft heaters are blue, with model numbers HA22-48M or HA22-48M1; the Profusion Heat, Prestige and Matrix heaters are red with model number HA22-48M and were manufactured in June 2017 or earlier.

Approximately 68,000 units of the recalled heaters have been sold in Canada since July 2014 at Canadian Tire and other retailers.

The model number, certification file number and manufacturing date can be found on the label on the back of the heaters.

Health Canada advises anybody with one of the recalled models of the heater to stop using it and return it to its place of purchase for store credit or a replacement unit. No proof of purchase is required.