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    Why do I sometimes get really nervous?

    ... right before seeing my therapist? I have known him for years, so he is not a stranger. It's kind of like an anxiety attack and I cant understand why. It dosent happen every time, so thats even
    more confusing to me. My heart starts pounding and sometimes my thoughts are all jumbled up and I dont even know what to talk about, even though I had things to talk about.
    Anyone else experience this?

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    Re: Why do I sometimes get really

    I often felt the same when it was time to see my therapist. Once I analyzed it, I found that I was most anxious when I had something in my craw that I really didn't want to talk about. I knew I HAD to talk about it, but I didn't wanna do it. Could that be what's happening with you?

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    Re: Why do I sometimes get really

    I think that's probably not uncommon, sunset. After all, you are going to a session where the object is to address issues which are often troubling or distressing. And in addition, you often may not be certain what direction the approaching session will take.

    I have clients who tell me similar things. I usually try to reassure them that they do have control over what and when we address their issues (this is the foundation of client-centered therapy).

    I would recommend that you discuss this with your therapist.

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    Re: Why do I sometimes get really

    I replied but it didnt appear so I will reply again...

    Thatlady... That could be the case with me. Some weeks I am feeling a lot, and other weeks its like a social almost. Guess I need to pay more attention to what I am feeling at the time it happens.

    Dr Baxter...I am seeing him this thursday and I know its not going to be an easy session. Too many reasons to list why right now...
    If I get that way, I will bring it up to him and see what he says.
    Thank You!

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    Re: Why do I sometimes get really

    Probably a good idea to try to focus on what's been going on in your life, or what you've got on your mind when these times occur. Also, it really is important to discuss these feelings with your therapist, whether you're having them at the time, or not.

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    Re: Why do I sometimes get really nervous...

    I'm thinking the same as the others have responded, Good luck on Thursday.

  7. Re: Why do I sometimes get really nervous...

    Well, Thursday is here and after almost a month of not "seeing" my Dr, we have a lovely snowstorm on the way, so I may not get to see him after all. I normally drive in the snow and never have been bothered by it before, but a few weeks ago during another storm, my car spun out, so now I am rethinking this. I dont really want to have an accident...

    I am torn, because if I dont take a chance to see him, it will be another couple of weeks.. He is in this state for a week, then in another state for a week or so. This is his schedule, so I either "see" him on the few days he is here, or I end up talking with him on the phone, which is not always a good thing for me.
    Then part of me is angry at him because he yelled at me the last time on the phone. He has said I am a "tough customer" so I know he gets frustrated with me sometimes.
    Oh heck, I am rambling on and dont know if I am making any sense.
    I am down, anxious, doing a slow burn, etc....

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    Re: Why do I sometimes get really nervous...

    Hi Sunset,

    I have read your recent posts and I can relate completely with what you feel before seeing your Dr. I had the same feelings and what I found that helped was to write things down before I got to her office and that way when I did see her and my brain was all jumbled I would have a list of what I wanted to talk about. It helped for me.

    As for the weather today and your situation, I would say that if you are going to be very anxious and panicky about the car ride especially if it is snowing then I would reconsider going. Even if you did go you might be so worried about the weather during your appointment that you will not be able to focus on the issues at hand.

    Good Luck and let us know how it turns out.


  9. Re: Why do I sometimes get really nervous...

    If you could get a friend or relative to drive you to your appointment, that would be ideal. However, if that isn't possible you really have to evaluate whether or not you'll be able to drive safely if your anxiety level is high.

    As to your doctor yelling at you on the phone, I can understand why that would upset you, but it might be that he was just trying to get a point across and raised his voice in an effort to do so. We're all human, and sometimes we don't realize that talking louder doesn't equate to saying things more clearly.

    Whatever you decide to do, hon, we're here for you. I hope you get to see the doc and that the weather holds off enough for you to do so safely.

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    Re: Why do I sometimes get really nervous...

    My heart starts pounding and sometimes my thoughts are all jumbled up and I dont even know what to talk about, even though I had things to talk about.
    Anyone else experience this?
    Yes, I experience this. It seems for me like it's partly because of all the anticipation that leads up to the actual session. It's like the appointment gets all built up in your mind and then you want something meaningful, or at least interesting, to happen and it's hard to force feels a lot of pressure

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