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    Are we remodeling???

    ok,.... its not the time to explain that change upsets me but that being said, are we remodeling the website??? I can't seem to find the waiting room and maybe its just me but it seems like some other boards are 'missing'......this is not a funny trick to play on a mental health board
    As always

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    Re: Are we remodeling???

    ps...if everyone else writes they can see it and I can't I'm really going to check myself in to a 'safe place'

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    Re: Are we remodeling???

    Ummm, I can see all the various sections, Rosa....

    Now, take a deep breath and don't go running for the "safe place"! Try refreshing your page and see if that helps. If it doesn't you might try clearing your caches and/or restarting your computer. It's usually just as good as a "safe place" for solving computer wankiness.

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    Re: Are we remodeling???

    this is not funny now I CAN see the waiting room but the first section I use to see is still know the part about the web site itself..... maybe I should go wash my 'whites' so I'll fit in with the others wearing white....... I will try pushing the refresh button but I have webtv so its not really a computer...humm maybe if I shake my tv for a few min's it will work hahahahaha

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    Re: Are we remodeling???

    Ish.. I know nothing about WebTV, so I can't help you there. I don't know if it caches things, or not. How about cookies? If WebTV sets cookies, it sometimes helps to clear your cookies and log in again.

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    Re: Are we remodeling???

    I'll try turning it off and turning it on....geez....I come here with one problem and I leave with another hahaha..just kidding....webtv is just a machine that connects to the tv and gives you access to the Internet. Thanks for all your help.

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    Re: Are we remodeling???

    Heh. You're welcome, hon...but, I don't know how much help I've been. If I was able to distract you enough to keep you from running for the "safe place", I guess that's a good thing.

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    Re: Are we remodeling??? I can see a line that I can click on and see that missing area-the part about the website AND the Introduction area is back....maybe it was an earthquake?????

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    Re: Are we remodeling???

    Or a WebTVquake! Those are the pits!

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    Re: Are we remodeling??? everything is back and where it was....I think its time to take my medication.....all I know is I went to enter the waiting room and it wasn't I looked for the board notice area and that was missing too..... I wonder if theres a diagnoisis for NOT seeing things huh Dr Baxter????
    Safe hugs

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