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Thread: Just Thoughts?

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    Just Thoughts?

    I find that my fear of thoughts or feelings can sometimes be more "dangerous" and overwhelming than the thoughts and feelings themselves. Recently, I've been learning how to simply notice them instead of fear them. However, I'm wondering how this might relate to suicidal thoughts and feelings. My sister committed suicide and I was suicidal at 2 different points in the past and so I definitely have all kinds of fears (and other feelings) when I think or feel suicidal. At what point do I know some of my thoughts and feelings actually are dangerous? I realize this might seem like a bizarre question.

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    Re: Just Thoughts?

    hi Healthbound,
    i have read and reread you post above and rather than try to answer the question for you, I hope it's okay to try answer it for myself. (i could have written it).
    For me i think my thoughts and feelings are only dangerous if i take action on them, whether out of the fear of them or because of them. i have have had suicidal thoughts in the past, even to the point of "setting it up". More recently these thoughts have resurfaced ( occassionally) but it's the fear of these thoughts and the fear that i might act on them pushed me to the point where i had to admit that i needed help. (hence i'm seeing a psych).
    so for me it's the action i might take (out of fear of my thoughts and feelings) in order to avoid both the fear of them and them, that makes them dangerous.
    Jeeze what does that sound like...

    I think also the above would be a good question for your therapist.

    Hope this doesn't confuse you, not sure it will make any sense to anyone but me. *s*

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    Re: Just Thoughts?

    Maybe when/if you start to make plans?

    When you stop fighting those thoughts and feelings and feel at peace with them?

    I'm not sure.

    I found this website that I thought had some good ideas about suicide prevention and thoughts:

    Suicide prevention help

    These suggestions are at the bottom


    CONTACT a crisis or suicide prevention center (see or a trusted friend, social worker or clergy and

    TALK. They will not think something is wrong with you or that you are "weird" or "crazy".

    SHARE your suicidal thoughts and feelings, fears, anger, disappointment and sorrow.

    BE ACTIVE. Go for a walk and get some exercise. Often depressing and suicidal thoughts and feelings fade when something or someone else stimulates us.

    DO SOMETHING - anything. It does not have to be a HUGE project - but a little project LIKE TIDYING UP a counter or small cupboard.
    Remember to PRAISE YOURSELF for the work you have done.

    START A CREATIVE PROJECT in art, gardening, music, crafts, writing etc. Don't worry if your project is not a masterpiece. Many people have found when they are working on creative projects, they forget their painful suffering.

    Find someone or an animal or plant who could USE YOUR LOVE AND CARE.

    REMEMBER that along with your suicidal thoughts and feelings You are having other thoughts and feelings which are not suicidal.

    LISTEN to your thoughts and feelings without analyzing them, letting them come and go WITHOUT dwelling on them.

    IDENTIFY and ACKNOWLEDGE other thoughts and feeling which are not suicidal.

    READ this friendship letter over again.

    REMEMBER that you have experienced times in your life when you did not have suicidal thoughts and feelings because you were not
    depressed but were hopeful at the time.

    REMEMBER times in which you may have felt strong suicidal thoughts and feelings that eventually passed into times of other thoughts and feelings which were not depressing but WERE HOPEFUL and you were able to look forward.

    ACKNOWLEDGE for yourself that having suicidal thoughts in the midst of other thoughts is emotionally draining and that you have shown incredible strength in remaining alive and staying alive in spite of the powerful suicidal thoughts and feelings that you may have.

    In the same way that you do not believe or act upon all the thoughts and feelings that you may have, REMEMBER that just because you may have a suicidal thought or feeling, you do not have to believe or act upon the thought or feeling.

    by Kenneth Hemmerick

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    Re: Just Thoughts?

    thanks Notsure and janet.

    I'm not sure either. I see my therapist on Monday and will definitely bring it up then. Today is a new day (thank God!) and I'm feeling better (mind you, I've only been up for about 1/2 hr!).

    I've been feeling overwhelmed for the past month and yesterday I was feeling particularily frustrated and "depleated". I'm just not sure about where that point comes when I should be concerned about how I'm feeling/thinking.

    I will definitely follow up and let u guys know what my therapist says about it.

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    Re: Just Thoughts?

    oh -wow...hahaha...when I read your post, janet, I didn't see all the resource info for some reason. Thanks . I'll read it and check out the site too.

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    Re: Just Thoughts?

    Sorry. I was adding that in as you were posting I guess. :red:

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    Re: Just Thoughts?

    ohhhh...kay, that makes sense. I was laughing at myself wondering how I missed all that! too funny. Thanks, janet

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    Re: Just Thoughts?

    You're welcome. Sorry I confused you.

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    Re: Just Thoughts?

    healthbound, I think sometimes those thoughts can just be a reflection of a bad day or trying to deal w/ something specific, any kind of change really, but personally I think it's also a sign if you tend to think about these things a lot, if it interferes w/ your ability to keep working at getting better, pretty much if things just seem hopeless. or if you're sad without any ups, ever... espec. if that's a change from before. your thoughts and feelings can be very valuable in guiding you through things, giving you feedback about how you feel about things in general... trying to understand those feelings and thoughts can be difficult, connecting them to something can be even harder... I don't know if this is what you meant, but for me for example, I can see how it would be scarry to not want to feel a certain way or think a certain way (hence the fear of those feelings/thoughts) b/c when you're feeling, thinking those things you're already in it so to say. maybe too much "in it" to be able to do anything about it, again, the concept of hopelessness... but definitely learning to recognize those feelings/ thoughts and discussing them w/ someone (ie. your therapist) can be very beneficial... you know how the "unknown" can be scarry? the more you're prepared that you may feel this way during certain times, or in relation to certain events/people/triggers or even just for "no apparent reason"- and knowing that it can happen but also knowing that you DO have coping mechanisms and a support system in place when it DOES happen can help a lot. hope this helps...

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    Re: Just Thoughts?

    Thanks Janet and Eunoia. I've been feeling stress for a few weeks now and I realized the other day that I was beginning to feel very "tired" again. I've noticed that I've had some suicidal thoughts periodically within the last 2 months and I'm feeling frustrated and not sure how the heck to make everything work.

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