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    A question for all therapists on here

    Does it scare you that people are so dependant on you?

    I am curious about this because I am finding I am dependant on my Dr, and I try to downplay it because I dont want to freak him out. LOL!

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    Re: A question for all therapists on here....

    I think any experienced therapist will understand what that's about and in the course of therapy will gradually help you to be less dependant.

    Don't worry - it's highly unlikely that you're freaking him out.

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    Re: A question for all therapists on here....

    Ahhhh, good to hear, but I must say... I am like a dog with a bone.. I dont let go that easily!! I get super attached to people and they are stuck with me.

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    Re: A question for all therapists on here....

    I agree with David. I remember the phrase that was said in Spiderman...with great power comes great responsibility. Well for us therapists it is kind of the same. Except we are not super human. We are humans trained to help others achieve their life goals. Being attached can be a good thing and the attachment is important for the therapeutic relationship.



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