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    Reality and Instinct

    I suppose it's not just me who wonders what is real at times and what is not. I'm talking about what we see and hear that is electronically transmitted to us. Step outside and feel whatever weather condition you are a part of and all of your senses are aware. Even your sense of smell; after a heavy rain in April or May I've been outside and sometimes I'm able to smell earthworms rising, roaming and defecating. What a unique smell that is. Not a bad smell just singular to earthworms. My point is that for those of us who have all their senses are still instinctually wired to nature and even those who may have lost or have an impaired sense, can relate. I believe Mother Nature is the great equalizer and if we let it, it can still guide us through all the distractions and distortions that are part of our daily lives.
    We have great technological tools available to us for much learning and entertainment but we should try to step outside of ourselves and step into nature and let our core instincts take over and rediscover what is real.

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    Re: Reality and Instinct

    Yes nature certainly brings one back to reality its beauty even its destructive state it is real no false information there. When one is confused nature seems to ground one to the here and now.
    Words always stay inside ones soul



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