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Thread: Scars

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    This might sound really bizzare but I'm thinking about it and wondering if it would work. You know how they have procedures in offices that basically sand down your skin to get rid of scars? I've got lots of scars on my arms and was just thinking can I do this at home with sandpaper? I'm thinking all they do is remove the top layer of skin which I could do myself. I don't worry about infection, so does anyone think this would work?
    I'm not suggesting anyone do this but I'd kind of like to know for me,

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    Re: Scars

    I wouldn't recommend doing this. Have you talked to any doctors about the removal procedure? I imagine it would be expensive.

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    Re: Scars

    Hi Janet,
    No I haven't talked to anyone about this-I'm sure it would be way too expensive. I'm kind of thinking this would work, I know I couldn't afford to have it done professionally.
    Thanks for your input though.

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    Re: Scars

    Even the medical dermabrasion technique has some drawbacks - I definitely wouldn't recommend you try it yourself, any more than I'd recommend do-it-yourself surgery or laser treatment. There's just way too high a risk of making it worse.

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    Re: Scars

    Thanks Doctor
    I really thought I was on to something here but I guess if it could get worse that wouldn't be a very good idea.. I guess its just tempting but I'll try to follow your advice.

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    Re: Scars

    if you "sand down" your skin you will irritate it, break the existing skin, and cause ADDITIONAL scaring if it's not professionally done... and even so, there's a lot of negatives involved. I really would try talking to your doctor about it to see if there's anything s/he can recommend that's within reason (ie. not surgery if that's not an option). The problem is some of the things people can do to reduce scarring help when the scar is still "fresh" and healing, like using certain lotions etc... research has shown mixed evidence for things like scar fading lotions etc but even though it may not make a significant difference you could still try and looking into some other options w/ your doctor if there are any for scars that you've had since a while.

    I'm glad you asked instead of just trying to do this... but just as a side note, you should worry about infections, even if nothing happens usually- so I guess my point is w/ the chance of infections and causing more scarring, I think your best bet is to talk to someone about this 1st b/f attempting to do something like this. but I do understand wanting to get rid of scars or minimizing them and I do hope you will find something that works and puts you at a little more peace w/ them...

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    Re: Scars

    I have been using mederma, which you can buy over the counter, and its working incredibly well. Its only been about 2 weeks since I started but I can tell a noticable difference on many of the scars on my arms. So maybe you could try that!

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    Re: Scars

    Thanks, I'm not going to try this. I guess it was a dumb idea...I just thought if doctors do it and charge alot then I can do it for free. . I'm glad I asked first too. I'll have to give that cream a try.

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    Re: Scars

    You could also try scarguard. It's a bit expensive but it works really well. Not only does it work on new scars, but it works on old scars as well. I suffered a head injury two years ago and needed to get 20 stitches, and I have been using scarguard on it, and you can barely see the scar now.
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