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    Update on my Dr appointment to tell her about my ED

    All week I was extremely stressed out about my drs appointment that I had yesterday because my therapist and I were going to finally tell my primary care doctor about my anorexia... I posted a few days ago about how stressed and worries I was about it so I thought I'd post an update on how it went.

    My Dr. seemed shocked and was concerned (of course) but she took the news surprisingly well. She thanked me for my decision to be honest with her. Of course I also got the "anorexia complications can be deadly" lecture. But she was very supportive of me and very kind, compassionate, and understanding of the fact that I am struggling and I didnt choose to have an ED.

    She did bloodwork and looked at my vitals, listened to my heart and lungs ect ect. She mentioned my heart rate suggests I may have some early signs of cardiac complications/cardiac distress from malnutrition. But noted how anxious I was as a possible reason for my heart rate being in the tachycardia range.

    She agreed with my therapist that she didnt feel I was a high risk for abusing my adderall to lose weight. Mainly because I never run out early, usually still have some left over when due for my next refill, was being honest about my ED, and didnt show any physical signs that usually present if an ED patient is abusing amphetamines/and medications.

    She also was very understanding that my ED relapse was triggered by high stress, a generalized anxiety disorder, and a trauma related disorder. She increased my kolonopin dosage as I requested. But the down side, she took me off of my welbutrin and wants me to try abilify instead to help with anxiety. I am not at all comfortable taking a medication like abilify as similar medications have cause me to have suicidal thoughts and feelings. I did tell her this but she insisted I just give it a try. After reading up on abilify I think I will call her Monday and tell her I am not willing to take the risk and would rather just to try upping my welbutrin dosage.

    All in all it went very well though! Thank you all for the support!

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    Re: Update on my Dr appointment to tell her about my ED

    Just wondering how you are and if you got the med changes you wanted take care ok
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