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    Coping with obsessive OCD

    anybody got any good coping stratagies for "pure O" o.c.d.?

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    Re: Coping with obsessive OCD

    Steven, as I suggested in another thread, you need to talk to your doctor (1) about medications and (2) if your doctor is not a psychiatrist about a referral to a psychologist or psychiatrist who works with OCD. Believe me, this is not going to be something you can just "banish" on your own.

    In the meantime, check some of the resources at and in the OCD thread at this forum.

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    Re: Coping with obsessive OCD

    What is "pure O" OCD?

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    Re: Coping with obsessive OCD

    I'm assuming he means OCD with obsessional thinking but without the behaviour rituals (compulsions). It's not really a separate diagnosis or condition.

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