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    Benzodiazepines: Problems with doctor

    I was wondering if anyone knew if dropping down off a benzoid at .5mgs a month is safe with no other medication added. As well as what am i to be expected?, How should i do this decrease? (wasn't given directions..just told to do it how i want), Is this safe? And finally how to handle my gad/pa's/agora..

    One final question..can another med not be added in while being on a benzoid? Or does one have to completely get off it and then add in a new med?

    I am taking..alprozalam.

    TYIA for any replies.

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    Re: Benzodiazepines

    Quote Originally Posted by jkb
    I was wondering if anyone knew if dropping down off a benzoid at .5mgs a month is safe with no other medication added. As well as what am i to be expected?, How should i do this decrease? (wasn't given directions..just told to do it how i want), Is this safe? And finally how to handle my gad/pa's/agora..
    I'm not sure if I understand the question. if you are asking about decreasing your dose by 0.5 mg per month as a way of tapering off, that's probably a safe rate of decrease to minimize withdrawal. As to what to expect, it depends partly on what the current dose is and how long you've been taking it but best guess would be some rebound anxiety and insomnia for a while.

    One final question..can another med not be added in while being on a benzoid? Or does one have to completely get off it and then add in a new med?
    It depends on what the medication is that you are trying to add. You can certainly add an SSRI while taking the benzodiazepine, because it's in a different family chemically entirely. On the other hand, you would need to be more careful about adding in, e.g., one of the atypical antipsychotics.

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    Re: Benzodiazepines

    TY for replying

    Here is the issues..putting it in point form:

    -i am on 4mgs a day, sometimes an extra .25mg depending on the anx.
    -been on this dose for a year? i believe..maybe less..8mths.
    -been on the med for 15 yrs.
    -my anx./agora etc was doing good/better and then it started up again...about 3 mths ago. not sure if it is external stressors or the med not working.
    -called my dr. beg. of feb to tell her this. Asked what to do, increase? a new med??
    -nothing happened..well it did..long story but won't go into that right now...
    -was told by her/receptionist that you can't add in another med, that the xanax has to be out of me before trying any type of new med.
    -i am scared, don't am i supp. to drop down, with no other med/hlep when my anxiety/agora is not in control at all. It has risen due to the above problems..or whatever is going on with my doctor. I am not geting any real explainations..
    -was finally given a referal to the ROH anxiety program, but that could be up to a 6mth what am i supp. to do until then, let alone how am i supp. to deal with the anxiety/agora .?? and NOW withdrawal ??
    -been searching for a new doctor..very hard..
    -i don't understand this all..even my pharmiscist didn't
    -i havent dropped yet...i don't know what is right..if this is right and why am i not able to try a new med to help me..aka i don't see how i am going to make any appt's with my anx. already being sky high and then going off the xanax with nothing?
    -is this ethical? aka proper ?

    sorry for long post.

    ty for listening.

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    Re: Benzodiazepines

    What is the situation with your current doctor? Can you not get appointment at all with him/her? I'm not sure you should be taking advice from his receptionist as necessarily definitive.

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    Re: Benzodiazepines

    I'm not sure you should be taking advice from his receptionist as necessarily definitive.
    i agree with david...

    you do have to ask your doc on this.

    if you cannot get apt.. maybe copying what u have wrote, as is.. put in envelope and either hand it in or post it in to the doc.. along with a note of course..

    an option maybe??

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    Re: Benzodiazepines

    Ty for your replies and suggestions ..much appreciated..

    As for getting an appt. with her..i don't think so.

    I had to write this out abit at a time cause it is causing me anxiety/stress..when going back through it all...and i don't know why since i am just writting..

    what has been going on/transpired to answer your q about the curent situation with my doctor.

    The story:

    -phoned beg. feb as noted in last post , stating exactly that to the nurse.(about how meds or ? isn't working since i am exp. more anxiety..and not getting farther..)
    -nurse said she would talk to dr. and call back.
    -i didn't hear for days so i called back.
    -receptionist said a letter was being sent out and was not willing to further the conversation. I asked what? what letter? about what? i'm confused.. She said you will just have to sit back and wait to get it.
    -waited and waited for i believe approx. almost a week and half. NO letter was sent to me, i never recieved one.
    -more scared/flustered i called back saying i haven't recieved this letter..i want to talk to dr. blank . i want to know what this letter is about.
    -long story shortendied up getting it faxed to my rental office for i did not want to wait till gosh knows when to get it. In the first letter it said she no longer wanted to deal with my anxiety/agora etc.., that she no longer felt comfortable prescribing me my med and i had 2 choices to go to the ER when i ran out or to accept a referal or she would stop my meds asap.
    -i replied back saying fine..i acept of course..never have denied further help nor meds (as also mentioned inthat letter by her)...and that i was wanting clarifcation on whether she was my gp still and why is it that we could not after all this time working "together", try a med adjustment or add in something...and that i was shocked. etc.
    .-got a letter sent back to me saying that i was a burden to the staff for calling abut questions, that they have 3000 patients and do not have the time to be my support people (they meaning the nurse and receptionist), and that how she has wanted me off of the xanax for a long time now ( absolutely untrue..never been a meention of this with her not to mention if this were the case why did she up my dose ..) and how she said that the xanax was causing increased anxiety., and if i did not comply with her rule of me getting to an appt. that she would make to someone..that i would be left to fend for myself.
    -replied back, since i then and still do feel like a huge burden etc.., that i didn't understand this all..that none of my questions were being answered (is she my gp, why can't we try new meds or an increase, etc..) and how once again i don't deny help, and i do not see where i have been such a burden, but i am sorry. I also stated in there that i had spoken to 2 other shrinks and pharmaists , and both siad yes you can add in another med..., that my increase in anxiety/gad/agora was not likely at all caused by the med since i have ben on it for a long time, and if this were to happen it would of happened along time ago etc. i had done this research etc for my knoledge and that i was still lost and very confused.
    -no reply
    -got a call late in the month by her saying that she had set up a appt. for detox at the QCH, that this was the only way, that i would thank her in years from now, she had to go due to patients waiting for her, she said good luck, i will be thinking of you , gotta go bye. click
    -i started crying..for i had no idea and still don't as to why this..why she had done this..the reasons etc...and i got very freaked out. i began calling places, cmha, um tons of places and they did not understand this at all..not at all...once agian. Esp. since I do not abuse my medication at all, never have never would.(all documented) i do not drink or use drugs. Pharmicist at this time didn't understand either. Started a process of calling the college of phys. to talk with them about this.
    -I did not go. I did not go due to fact taht nothing was explained, i had /have the right to know about any treatments pre arranged, and i didn't agree after hearing all i haad from other professionals etc. For i was told i have the right to know about my treatment and why.
    -I even tried to contact this psychiatrist or ? /doctor about why this was neccessary and for further info..I was denied answers.
    -I was then adviced to stop contact with her/my doctor..and to search/seek out a nother doctor or shrink since i was getting no answers and i feel/felt that i was bieng mistreated. I have and am seeking one out..yet it is next to imp. to find one..
    -Finally last week I called the ROH intake office for the anxiety program to talk again and to gain possibly further resourses etc..she knew who i was and she knew my doctor. She gave me a nuber to call..another resourse..
    -the next day, got a call from the doctors officce and that is when i was told by the rec. all i had just wrote in my last post that i had to get off sanax in that way, that the ROH had called them saying i was talking with them, that she was putting in a referal, and if id id not go nor drop my meds as stated, that that was it, she would stop all. and they were calling in to pharm to change my perscription.... i said but what about my do i cope? ..but nothing..nothing at all but this is the way it is.
    -crying and crying i have..anx. been way up..scared to.
    -called pharm. again..talked as last post..and he said even last night not to go down like that..under my circ. and maybe try if i want a cut of .25mgs, till i can get further answers, and that i could call them if i wanted anytime..and he still did not undrestand any of this..since i amvery much agora and anx. is up
    -this all has caused me intense anxiety..i have had nightmares..i don't like nor feel like i ambeing teated right..and i feel like some animal in a cage being teased and played with..being given ultimatiums, not getting answers, nor help..and all the while i sit here..more scared then i ever have not knowing what is going to come..
    -I will be writing this weekend a letter with the fact only..and trying last time..i can't do anything more..she doesn't seem like she wants anything to do with me..this is stressful..and traumatic..or so it feels..
    i am gonna take today off..or try to and keep calm....this has been a long battle...and one i think wasn't isn't nec. to begin with..

    all i wanted from the beg. was help..not this disaster..and not to mention how this has and is impacting my health/anxiety.....

    that was hard to write out..i feel on edge..gonna break and calm

    i haven't cried as much as i have had over the last month and a half ever..nor has my anxiety been this bad ever ...

    i hate this ..

    ty for listening.

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    Re: Benzodiazepines

    i know why i am scared..exp. more stress re this is due to the fact taht she left me way back in '01/beg of '02 for no reason..and left me..and i did exp. some traumatic things due to this..i did go back to her..about a year later..we talked..she said she wuld never do this to e again..there is where the fears lie..where all this stress is mounting..feelings of anxiety.

    It took me all day to just write point form a letter and fax silly is that..

    I am really worried what is to come..if i did wrong I don't think i did at all..but it feels like it since every time i try to talk to her..i feel that things get worse..not better..

    i will be a mess until i hear..sometime tom. hopefully what she says..about the points i made..and what she will do next..worried that things will become worse.. unsure of how much worse it can get..

    sorry for writting again..had to let it out.

    I am going to try and forget it for now..and do some breathing and watch a funny movie or something.

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    Re: Benzodiazepines

    I'm really sorry about all the stress you're going through. I dont' understand either why your doctor is doing this. I hope you can find a new doctor.

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    Re: Benzodiazepines

    jkb, who is she from your last post? Are you talking about your doctor?

    I didn't respond earlier because I can't think of any advice, but the experience with your doctor sounds awful. I can see why you're upset, I would be too. It doesn't sound like your doctor is handling this well (or doesn't know how to handle it). Maybe you could see a psychiatrist who might be better at this sort of thing than your general doctor? Also, maybe you should get a new gp, one that you can rely on more and who might have a fresh perspective on your situation. Anyway...I just wanted to say that I'm sorry that you have to go through this.

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    Re: Benzodiazepines

    Hi Jkb,
    It took me all day to just write point form a letter and fax silly is that..
    i don't think that it is silly, but i used to..(and i could use other words to describe how i thought about it taking so long) *s*
    i find it very difficult to write sometimes,, (well actually nearly all the time). i get distracted with diff thoughts running thru my head, even now here this min.. it's taking a bit of time.
    i do find it extremely frustrating that it can take me so long to say a few words.
    i have to think of it this way, does it matter how long it takes really? as long as i get what i wanted to say said.

    remember you did get it done and faxed.
    i think u did good!

    enjoy the movie..

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