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    Advice on coping with son's schizophrenia

    Hi everyone, can anyone give me some advice please? not sure how to react to family member who has schizophrenia, amongst a few other problems, depression, anxiety, etc. Not living at home at present. I know stress is a big factor with schiz. however I am trying to stop enabling so as to help. Confused, I want to help not hurt.

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    Re: Help and advice

    hi everyone, I just posted on Schizophenia forum but no-one to talk to there and I don't know how to transfer msg ("Advice please") just want to talk to someone

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    Re: advice please

    hello k9 just want to say.. that i have read your post, and earlier one.. you said there was no-one in there to talk to. i can't advise because while i have a son who suffers with depression, and anxiety.. at times. your son's other symptoms would be best adressed by some of the others here who may have experience in those areas. they will be on later and i'm sure they can offer you some support and maybe advice.

    all i'm doing here is letting u know that some-one is listening.

    sorry i can't be of much help.

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    Re: advice please

    Hi Notsure, I just read your reply,

    Thank you for replying and you are helping by listening, thank you - by the way I don't know where you are from but I am from Australia and it is 1am here - don't know how long I can stay up. What time do most people come on? CM

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    Re: advice please

    that is a hard one to ans... cause i am in Ireland.. it's 5.15pm here now,(fri)... nearly forgot what day i had. lol.. most of the contributors are from america and canada.. and that puts them 5hrs behind me.
    so in my time zone.... i usually see some of the others are on at around 11, 12. even later..

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    Re: advice please

    k9. i wouldn't worry about staying up to see the replies,, they will be there when u wake in the morning. sorry if that came out rather rudely.. i often try myself to wait around and see if any can help me out. *s*

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    Re: Advice on coping with son's schizophrenia

    I have to run to the office now. Will try to get back to reply this evening or tomorrow in case someone else doesn't find your thread first.

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    Re: Advice on coping with son's schizophrenia

    I don't know much about schizophrenia, but there are some good links here:

    This one looks especially good:

    Wish I could help more.

    Welcome to the forum.

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    Re: Advice on coping with son's schizophrenia

    Hi, Is there a schizophrenia society in your area or a schizophrenia case manager?

    Phone the mental health unit at your local hospital and they will provide resources that will help you in your community.

    Maybe he could go to a mental health group home first so he can still have some supervision especially with remembering to take his meds. Steph

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    Re: Advice on coping with schizophrenia

    thanks Janet and Steph for replying - I had a look at the sites you posted and they were helpful.
    He's an adult I don't have much of a say and he doesn't want me to be too involved, however I think its because he realizes (and I do to) we are co-dependant. He has worked in the past but can't hold down a job for too long, gets stressed, goes back to drugs. Not sure if the drugs came first or the schiz. If it were just the drugs I think I would know how to handle. However, he didn't seem to have a problem until the drugs started. I think I could post on a lot of different forums here, addictions, depression(mine), phobias(mine)etc etc. Anyway thanks girls, I have to go now will check in again.

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