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    Obsession Over Suicide?

    Is it common for there to be obsessive tendencies about suicide? I mean a recurrent, unmitigated urge or thought to do harm to oneself? That seems to be the case with me. Every day suicide pops into my mind and every day it appears a little more appealing and seems as if it is less scary then the day before.

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    Obsession Over Suicide?

    well I would say it's common for people w/ depression..... or maybe for someone who has been through some kind of recent trauma etc. If it seems a little bit more "appealing" every day, I'd suggest taking whatever steps you need to take to find someone to talk to.... do you have a therapist? can you talk to your doctor? Pilonea, as appealing as suicide can seem, it seems appealing b/c every other option seems impossible or not realistic, like things won't every change, right? but as difficult as it is in some situations, there are other options....

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    Obsession Over Suicide?

    Another problem is the tendency to romanticize suicide and to also romanticize depression. These romantic/idealized notions can make it more difficult to seek out professional help.
    "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    Re: Obsession Over Suicide?

    Another problem is the tendency to romanticize suicide and to also romanticize depression.
    can someone explain what the above quote means.


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    Re: Obsession Over Suicide?

    Daniet could mean what I felt at times,... like I LIKED being miserable and depressed and wasting time and wasting my life... in a perverse way.

    It was like, it was cool to be depressed, to be thinking about suicide. I felt like I was one of the only ones in the world who are really living - I was one of the only ones who are truly aware of their own fragile mortality. I felt that other people are living in denial, living in illusion etc... They aren't living with the awareness that in 100 years time or less we'll all be gone!

    Only me, only me in my special depression, realised how we open the curtains in the beginning of the day - just to close them again at the end... we live, only to die... It's all pointless, meaningless, and everyone else gets upset over silly, transient things, and gets happy over silly, transient things... only special me, special me with my special knowledge and wisdom - sees how pointless it all is...

    and so I stayed detached from everything... kind of revelling in it... enjoying it.

    Altho of course now I realise how perverse that was, and how it's really the opposite of everything I thought.

    Anyway, this could be completely off-topic, but when I read the words 'romanticising depression and suicide' it's what I thought of - and this is how I really used to think and feel.

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    Re: Obsession Over Suicide?

    If it's any help, the other day I was on the balcony of the 28th floor of a building, and as I was looking out over, I couldn't shake the feeling of, "What if I fall over?" and land splat on the pavement... "Should I just lean over a little more?" ... and a whole load of other thoughts that freaked me out, and got me out of that balcony fast!

    Is that normal...?

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    Re: Obsession Over Suicide?

    Maybe he meant suicide is romantized in the sense that it's really Romeo and Juliet

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    Re: Obsession Over Suicide?

    Yeah... maybe.
    Hello toeless! Nice to chat with you again!

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    Re: Obsession Over Suicide?

    Hey Lost, what's going on? Glad to see you back and also glad to hear you came down from the 28th floor balcony w/o leaning over any further

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    Re: Obsession Over Suicide?

    yeah... nice to hear from you - delete that - nice to READ you too Toeless! And I really do like your name!

    I'm still wondering whether it was normal for me to have had those thoughts, or whether it's another symptom of some other psychosis I can add to my long list...

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